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We Will Be in Big Trouble in December if We Don’t Get This Right at the Level of Our Most Dangerous Primal Instinctive Behaviors and Thoughts

We could be headed for the most dangerous months in the history of our country. We could damage ourselves in permanent ways and we could find ourselves in very ugly and even evil places if we do not react in positive ways in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We are all creatures of Instincts. We have very powerful instincts to divide the world into...


This Should Never Happen Again!

Our country and the world should never again suffer this kind of damage and disruption from a new disease. We know enough science and we have more than enough computer capability and data sharing capacity to identify any similar risks to us in the future as soon as they arise and to do exactly what we need to do relatively quickly to turn each new...


Racism Increases Premature Births and Infant Deaths in America — the Data Is Now in to Prove that Point (Updated January 31, 2020)

We have important new information about the impact of racism on the preterm birth rates in our country. We now know that African American mothers who feel stress about the impact of racism on their children are more than twice as likely to give birth prematurely. We also now know that the negative impact of the stress actually increases as both education levels and income...


lions in the snow

Alpha, Beta, and Theta Instincts All Have Huge Impacts on Our Behavior and Our Lives

Many people have an appreciation of the huge impact that Alpha instincts have on our communities and our lives. The InterGroup books describe those instincts in several places. People who have their Alpha instincts activated tend to act in Alpha ways — tending to be territorial, antagonistic toward other alphas and other groups, and to have expectations about how they are personally treated in their...



ISIS And Al Qaeda Are Landlocked … And Only Tribes Can Defeat Them

ISIS And Al Qaeda Are Landlocked … And Only Tribes Can Defeat Them Primal Pathways, Peace in Our Time, Cusp of Chaos, and The Art of InterGroup Peace all describe the major impacts that our instinctive tribal behaviors have on people across the planet. Anyone who doubts the direct and major impact our instinctive tribal behaviors have on the world today can have their doubts...


What do we do about Chicago

So What Do We Need to Do About Chicago?

There are some key numbers that need to be known and understood in order for us to understand what needs to happen now in that troubled city. Forty-one people were shot in seven hours in Chicago last week. Eighty-five people were shot that week. More than 3,000 people were shot last year. More than 600 of those shooting victims died. More than 80 percent of...


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Tribal Behavior Can Damage Us Badly Unless We Know Exactly What Is Happening And Why

Very few things are more emotionally seductive than mob behavior activated in the context of a tribe. We instinctively form tribes of various kinds — and our identity and sense of who we are can be heavily shaped at any given moment and situation by the tribe we belong to at that point in time. We form racial, ethnic, political, religious, organizational, and even ideological...


Alignment Pyramid

Tribal Behaviors Could Destroy Us As A Nation Or They Can Give Us A Path To Peace

We face a serious risk of having tribal behaviors destroy us as a nation. Very few of our instinctive behaviors have more ability to influence our thinking, emotions, and behaviors than the instincts to tribalize and then divide the world into Us and Them based on our tribal alignment. Our instincts to divide the world into Us and Them have the power to do serious...