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Four Paradigms of Existence — Part Two

April 21, 2021

A combination of quantum physics, quantum biology, quantum sociobiology, and quantum metaphysics gives us a good working context for understanding key aspects of non-quantum existence.

It is useful for thinking about who we are and what we are doing to think that everything that exists can be thought of as being included in one of those four paradigms.

Science reinforces that macro paradigm.

We have been blessed with an explosion of brilliant science. We have delineated brilliant and powerful quantum physics formulas that let us build lasers, atomic clocks, computers, nuclear reactors, and nuclear bombs — and the quantum physics formulas are so wonderful that they have never failed in their functions and in their predictions even when we didn’t understand what some of them were and when we didn’t believe that what they were predicting is possible.

We now have a sense of everything existing in waves and we now know that our reading of the waves helps make them what they are in ways that seemed absolutely nonsensical when that concept come into our lives and into our understanding.

We also now know that bonding happens between quantum elements in ways that are simultaneous and absolutely outside of the scope of both distance and time.

Time is now a multi-layered thing.

Time functions for us in our normal linear ways and time also functions — as Albert Einstein pointed out — in “relative” ways that he carefully crafted into the theory of relativity, and it also functions simultaneously in the quantum entanglement linkages that Einstein also called Spooky Interactions at a Distance.

The new physics are almost magical.

And we are almost wizards.

We have built economies and societies and our internet connections around the products of our quantum physics and we now have almost magical insights into the tools of Life, itself, that function in alignment with the physics to give us levels of control into biological areas that we only guessed about until the very recent past.

We now have extremely detailed knowledge of the core ingredients of the processes of life — DNA and RNA — that let us better understand both our epigenetics and our genetics in far more advanced ways.

We now have tools that we can use to actually modify our own DNA.

Intellectual evolution happens and it is clearly happening right now for us.

We have now evolved as a species intellectually to the point that we could actually, if we choose to do so, literally change our own DNA and choose to evolve in targeted, intentional and inheritable ways as living beings and as a human species.

The extremely powerful CRISPR tool kit actually allows us to get directly involved in our organizing functionality in amazing ways. The vaccine we just built for Covid using those tools is far more effective than our old vaccine development process that relied on our basic existing epigenetic programming to recognize our dangerous viral invaders and then we biologically created our own defensive responses to each disease.

The people who get the Covid 19 disease directly have that natural response process in place and those people do build the kinds of defenses we used to build with the old version of the vaccines. The artificial vaccine that we build now with RNA tools has a 90 percent effectiveness level for avoiding the disease — and the antibodies and the natural defenses that our body builds on its own is only about 60 percent effective doing that same work.

We are now much more knowledgeable now about how all of those processes work.

It is increasingly obvious and clear when we look at the very sophisticated programming that is intentionally built into our DNA and our RNA and when we look at the very sophisticated formulas that our physicists are developing and discerning though our schools of quantum thought, that there are major areas of intentional design in each of those areas of our existence and it is increasingly obvious and scientifically evident that those tools that we have in all of those areas did not just happen on their own.

Patterns rule.

 We have clear and discernable patterns in physics and in biology and in our own human psychology and socio biology that we need to understand and utilize in order to give us the best possible set of futures years and lives for ourselves and for our children and their children after them. And to keep us from destroying ourselves.

The new tool kit is extremely dangerous.

We can build atomic bombs and chemical bombs and biological bombs, and we can inflict pandemics and diseases on ourselves and on each other at horrible levels and in horrible ways if we screw up and go down those damaging paths.

That might happen.

We are capable of making the choice to go down those paths. Our instincts steer us in those directions.

We instinctively divide the world into Us and Them and it is irrefutably evident and clear that we can do terrible things to Them with no sense of remorse or guilt.

We have instincts to feel like heroes when we damage whoever we believe to be “Them.”

We do bad things to “them.”

We enslave them. We fire bomb them. We have people right now with bombs strapped to their bodies going into settings with the goal of killing Them.

We have over a hundred and 35 current ethnic wars going on in the world today with those us-them instincts activated. In each of those settings.

We are programmed to do tribal things at both very saintly and deeply evil ways — and we have hierarchical instinct in place that are so strong that we end up with people who become alpha in settings who are willing to kill other people to maintain their alpha status and who have followers who feel right being in their hierarchy who also are often willing to kill people that their alpha leader wants killed.

Alpha lions are willing to kill other lions to maintain their alpha status and both alpha chimpanzees and alpha stallions find it absolutely reasonable and appropriate to fight fiercely and cruelly to maintain their hierarchical position.

We can see those patterns and processes in place and functioning in an extremely wide range of settings.

People in academic settings fight in their own way to maintain power as heads of departments and people in political alpha positions often become so addicted to the flow of positive neurochemicals that they will do almost whatever they need to do to stay in position.

Senators will stay in office for decades past their normal trajectories — and the people who are in those alpha category jobs convey their beta and theta status to their direct staff and team and the beta and theta people also tend to fight hard to keep the political leaders in power. Deputy mayors hate the prospect of not being deputy mayors, so they have a strong tendency to convince the mayors to remain in their position of power as long as they possibly can.

Companies and unions have presidents. The leaders often stay in office for a long time because they really like being alpha in each of those settings.

People who lead nation try hard to stay in power forever. The number of national leaders who leave power voluntarily is a very short list. The heads of Russia and China are currently in the process of turning those positions into lifetime appointments — and there is no doubt in their minds that is the right thing to do

The biggest and most relevant danger we face in many settings is from people who manage to get other groups of people to fight with one another to maintain their own power. People unite in instinctive ways against common enemies, and leaders of groups often find that their personal power either increases or solidifies in times of inter group conflict.

Any set of groups can be a context for those behaviors. Religious groups tend to have alpha leaders who sometimes work to create a sense of common enemy to stay in power and who create their own levels of faithful Beta and Theta followers who reinforce and support their behaviors.

We have multiple settings in our country today where we are tribalizing in various dangerous ways and where we are fighting with each other because that has happened.

We need to understand those patterns of behavior and we need to steer our leaders into being leaders for Peaceful futures rather than conflict and anger.

We often can steer leaders for our groups at least some of the time, because leaders need the support of their group and it is possible to ask for ethical and peaceful behaviors by our leaders in in some settings in exchange for our support.

We need a context for that to happen. We need to build and rebuild a sense that America is a nation built on ethical values and aligned behaviors — and we should decide to be an American Us connected by our values and our beliefs.

The best way forward to give us and our grandchildren the opportunity to live in a safe world that is not at war with itself is to build a new sense of Us based on our values, our ideals, our ethics, and on our most enlightened sense of who we are.

We do need to be an American Us.

We need shared values, honest communications and a clear sense that we should be earning each other’s trust by doing trustworthy things and by actually believing that win-win outcomes actually are the very best strategy and the very best goal because it’s actually and really the only possible way for us all to win.

We should all be able to win.

We live in a world of plenty. We should be able to take the incredibly impressive set of things that we can create with our new quantum physics tool kit and with our new quantum biology tool kit and with our new commitment to be an enlightened American Us and give us all great health care, basic housing safety, meaningful jobs and worthwhile functions, perpetual education, and basic and even healthy food.

We won’t get to that future if we decide to tribalize and fight.

We should look at what we have in our world and appreciate the fact that we live in Eden and we definitely should not screw that up.

We should think more broadly about what we are and why we are here.

We are both tiny and huge.

The number of neuron connections in our brains is actually just about the same number as the number of galaxies in the known universe. Those are both very big numbers — and we should be accountable for using those billions of connections in the most accountable, smart, wise, and appropriate ways.

The fourth paradigm in that four-paradigm model of existence described above is Metaphysics. Metaphysics gives us context.

We now know from our magnificent new science that the programming for all of those processes in quantum physics and quantum biology is intentional and very well designed, and we need to be grateful for the opportunity to use those tools to benefit us all and we should use them well.

Time is on our side — and time is running out.

We now know from our quantum physics contexts that Time has multiple layers and configurations and we should look at that total context and recognize that the most important time for each of us and for all of us is NOW!


We need to enjoy and optimize “now.”

This website for InterGroup Understanding has a long piece on the four paradigms of existence.

It also has some relevant and relatively new thought pieces done by some of the wisest and most credible thinkers on the planet and they have given us books to help us understand what they are thinking and what opportunities we have.

George Ellis is brilliant.

Frank Wilczek is brilliant.

Francis Collins is brilliant.

Perry Marshall is brilliant.

John Thatamanil is brilliant.

Joseph Selbie and Carlo Rovelli are brilliant.

The four Institute for InterGroup Understanding books on instinctive behavior are also extremely useful.

Primal Pathways, Cusp of Chaos, The Art of InterGroup Peace, and Peace in Our Time are all worth reading.

The call for a Peace movement on the website is directionally correct and the call for us all to agree to tell the truth has potential for being a quiet way that many of us can reintroduce certain levels of ethical and considerate behavior into our world is a set of personal choices and commitments that are worth doing as a start for the process.

We are being warned.

God is giving us a clear sense of what the problems are and what the key tools are — and the fact that we each have conscious minds and we each have free will means that we each get and need to decide how to respond to that opportunity.

We need to look at the paradigms of physics, biology, sociobiology and of God to give us context for our lives.

Look at the body of knowledge that our science is building for us.

Why do we have it?

What should we do with it?

What feels right to you right now?

We are on a very slippery slope to some very bad places if we allow that to happen.

We need to go down a different path — and choosing to be an Us is more than a very good start for that path.

Be well.