World Academy of Art and Science Conference on Future Education | 2017-11-16 | Events | Intergroup Institute


World Academy of Art and Science Conference on Future Education

Dates: November 16, 2017 - November 18, 2017

Venue: Rome, Italy

The Institute for InterGroup Understanding is proud to participate in the World Academy of Art and Science's second international conference on future education in Rome, Italy.

The goal of the conference is to figure out ways of improving education processes and outcomes in a wide range of countries and settings. This conference is designed to serve as an open, active platform for a selected set of expert participants to share, collaborate and co-create new ideas, approaches, methodologies and best practices.

The somewhat unique multi-stakeholder approach and structure of the conference will make it possible for participants to organize or participate in special sessions dedicated to in-depth exploration of specific topics ranging from subject content, pedagogy and learning technologies to social and economic impact on issues such as employment, skills development, business development, innovation, social power, citizenship, cultural diversity, personal development and individuality. Institute Chair George Halvorson will present a paper on the impact of the first years and months of life on the education process for each child. 

Halvorson will also co-present with Alliance Chair Robert Berg on the impact of war zones on brain development and early education for children. Both of those subjects are new topics for the conference.