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The Institute for InterGroup Understanding
The Institute for InterGroup Understanding

Welcome to the Institute for InterGroup Understanding

This website is dedicated to InterGroup Peace and InterGroup Understanding. It explains why we have over 200 interethnic and InterGroup conflicts in the world today, and helps people understand how to reduce conflicts and help people live in Peace. This website offers books, essays, insights, reflections, paradigms, poetry, and thought pieces about InterGroup Peace.

Peace is possible. Peace is needed. We should all work together to create a Peace Movement.  

Three Key Years

Three Key Years

by George C. Halvorson

The first three years of life are when the vast majority of key biological  and neurological connections happen in the brain of each child.   Children whose brain are exercised with…

Nurturing Your Baby's Brain

Science and brain scans now tell us that the first three years of life are absolutely critical years for the development in your baby's brain. That development starts for each baby on the day they are born. 


About Us

The Institute for InterGroup Understanding exists to help create intergroup Peace. We need to intellectually overcome our more negative and damaging instinctive behaviors. We instinctively divide the world into Us and Them -- and we react very differently to Us and Them. We protect, defend,…

Dr. Oz Talked About My Kid Book Today and Started A Book Drive For Low-income…

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.09.40 AMEarlier today, I was interviewed on the Dr. Oz television show about the need for very young children to have books read to them, and I was interviewed about my own book, Three Key Years. Three Key Years explains why we need to talk and read to infants,…

Pope Calls for Catholics in Europe to Accept Refugees

Pope Francis has called on the Catholics of Europe to Open their homes to refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

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June 16, 2016

National Medical Fellowships Lifetime Achievement Award
George C. Halvorson will recieve a lifetime recognition award from from the National Medical Fellowships for dealing with health care disparities in care delivery on June 16. The event will include a discussion of his book, Three Key Years.

An Influence of Negative Echoes

We need to share thoughts and wisdom from many people about Peace