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AHIP’s 2016 National Conference on Medicaid

Date: October 26, 2016

Venue: Washington, DC

As first day luncheon keynote speaker for the conference, Institute for InterGroup Understanding Chair George C. Halvorson presented to the AHIP 2016 Annual gathering of the top people runnig Medicaid Programs for America about Using Medicaid Opportunities and Leverage to Save Every Child and Close Learning Gaps in Our Schools.

Most Medicaid programs in America are now administered by private health plans, and a high percentage of the health plan leaders for those programs will be at the conference. More than 50 percent of all births in America this year will be to Medicaid Mothers, so those programs now have a massive teaching opportunity about early childhood brain development for new Mothers in America.  

Halvorson presented and described the basic brain development science that has major impact in both the first three months of life and the first three years of life. Helping children in those time periods is the only strategy that can actually succeed in closing the major and growing learning gaps we see in American schools today, and that science and reality will be explained to the Medicaid program administrators at the conference. 

Please "click here" to view the PowerPoint slides used during Halvorson's speech at the event. 



Document Download: AHIPs-National-Conferences-on-Medicare-Medicaid--Duals-in-Washington-D.pdf