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Our Team

  • George Halvorson, Founder, Institute for InterGroup Understanding

    George Halvorson

    George founded the Institute for InterGroup Understanding to help reduce InterGroup conflict and stress in America, and to offer advice to people who face InterGroup conflicts in other areas of the world. George served as chair of the First 5 Commission for Children and Families for the state of California, and he is the author of four books on intergroup understanding — one on early brain development in children, and seven on health care quality improvement and reform. George has served as CEO for multiple health care delivery systems and financing organizations for more than three decades.

    George has served on nearly 40 health care delivery and reform, and public policy related boards, commissions, and task forces — and has chaired nearly a dozen of them. He founded the Institute because he believes that issues of InterGroup Understanding will determine the future success (or failure) of our country. He wants to create a resource that will help InterGroup Peace become the culture, the shared commitment, and our functional future reality. George deeply believes we need to save every child, and that we need to collectively achieve the goals, and "do the right things at the right times" to save every child in order to give Peace a chance. 

  • Advisors, Mentors, Coaches, and Colleagues - Intellectual Resources and Wisdom Sources

    Advisors, Mentors, Coaches, and Colleagues

    The Institute is advised, coached, guided, influenced, inspired, intellectually challenged, incented, supported, encouraged, and motivated by a cadre of wise, experienced and competent people who have been individually and collectively invaluable in the thought processes that have created the core knowledge base and the experiential underpinnings for The Institute.

  • Leah Rosenthal, Internet Marketing Strategist

    Leah Rosenthal

    Leah oversees the Internet Marketing Strategy for the Institute for InterGroup Understanding. She has an extensive and solid working understanding of online advertising, blogging, community outreach, content creation and search engine optimization. 


  • Joe Conte, Institute Webmaster

    Joe Conte

    Joe has more than two decades of experience in web design, strategy, implementation and operations, and is a highly regarded graphic designer and electronic media and print artist. He designed the covers of the InterGroup books along with key graphics materials. 



  • Chris DeJohn, Digital Content Manager

    Chris DeJohn

    Chris maintains the working files for Institute materials and is involved in putting together future content at various levels — including supporting multiple drafts of many of the thought pieces and presentations.