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Institute for InterGroup Understanding Chair George C. Halvorson appeared on The Dr. Oz Show

Date: May 25, 2016

Venue: ABC Studios

George Halvorsan backstage at the Dr. Oz ShowInstitute for InterGroup Understanding Chair George C. Halvorson's May 25 appearance on The Dr. Oz Show featured topics that included Halvorson's new book, Three Key Years, the importance of early childhood education, and what needs to be done to make sure each and every child receives adequate and ample positive interactions from their primary — and secondary — care givers within the first key three months and years of life. 

Oz appeared as a health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show for five seasons. He currently hosts The Dr. Oz Show on ABC and a talk show on Sirius XM Radio. InterGroup Institute Chair George C. Halvorson will appear on The Dr. Oz Show May 25 to discus key issues of childhood education, as well as the paramount importance of his new book, Three Key Years.

From the book — Three Key Years:

"Too many people do not know that the first three years of life are the key and most important years when brains develop in our children.

Biologically, those are the years where we make the overwhelming majority of the neuron connections in our brains — and those are the years when each brain goes through the processes that will determine both the physical structure and infrastructure of the brain, and the key future capabilities of each brain. If we don’t get those first three years right for each child, we handicap children for life — relative to the structure, function, and capability of each child’s brain.

The basic biological truth is that we each build the basic strength levels of our brains in those first years of our lives. We all then build the wisdom and the knowledge base that we each have in our brains through multiple levels of learning processes that extend through our lifetimes.

But we build our wisdom, our judgment, and our personal knowledge in those later years on the physical footings, the functional foundation, and the basic underpinnings that we create for each brain in those first three key years of life." Read More>>