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LIGHT Forum: Healthcare of the Future Will be Shaped by Artificial Intelligence

Dates: May 10, 2018 - May 11, 2018

Institute for InterGroup Understanding Chair George C. Halvorson participated in panel of industry stakeholders predicting how the healthcare industry will transform in the next five to ten years — largely because of growth in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).
“We are definitely on the cusp of a golden age for healthcare because healthcare is a data-based industry, business profession and we are about to have access to more data than we’ve ever had in better and more convenient ways,” George Halvorson, the Chair and CEO of the Institute for InterGroup Understanding said during the panel. “I think we are a relatively short distance away from having machines doing the majority of the diagnosis and the majority of the interpretations and the majority of the scans and that the doctors are going to be a support process to that.”
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