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The Institute Sponsored the Alliance for Peacebuilding's Annual Conference

Dates: October 24, 2018 - October 26, 2018

Venue: Washington D.C.

The Institute focuses on inter group understanding, and the sad truth is that we are tribalizing as a nation and as a world in dangerous and damaging ways. We need to understand both why that is happening and what we can do to create inter group Peace in our settings, rather than seeing an expansion of inter group anger, inter group distrust, and various levels of intentionally evil inter group behavior in multiple settings.

We are all creatures of instincts. That is a core part of who we each are. When we understand our instincts to divide the world into Us and Them and then to feel, think, act, and behave in instinct sculpted Us-Them ways that are aligned with those divisions, we can have a chance of rising above those thoughts and emotions, and we can create settings of inter group Peace.

We need to collectively understand that the best, safest, most enlightened, most productive, most ethical, kindest, and most universally beneficial strategy and approach for every setting is for us all to learn to be a legitimate Us in each setting.

The Institute for InterGroup Understandinghas books, websites, thought pieces and videos that explain how that can be done.

The Institute also is focused on helping all children from every group get the right basic brain exercise and the right positive emotional support in the first days, weeks, months, and years of life that are needed to develop the right epigenetic pathways and billions of neuron connections for each child that will close learning gaps in our schools, close economic gaps in our communities, and create emotional strength and stability for children who are otherwise headed for learning failure, inter group violence, gang membership in many settings, and prison.

The Institute is focused very directly on helping children stay out of jail. We can’t create inter group Peace if we keep putting so many minority students in prison.

New biological science tells us with certainty that the only path that has any chance of actually closing those economic and learning level gaps has to happen for children in the first 15 months of life, and that 15 years is biologically too late. The biology is the same for every child from every group — and the Institute wants to share that knowledge with every family and parent.

The Institute has published seven books on racism, inter group conflict, the impact of instinctive behavior, and sponsors a website that explains the things we can do to create inter group Peace in every setting as well as explaining the things we can do to give the best beginning for every child.

The Institute also sponsors quiet and private discussions where good-hearted experts on those issues get together to learn from one another.

Go to the website to get a sense of the scope, content, and direction of the Institute inter group agenda and work.

We will not channel our communities and our organizations away from negative instinctive inter group behavior until we have enlightened people understand exactly what our most relevant and dangerous instincts are, and very intentionally use those instincts to create Peace rather than trigger and reinforce conflict.

People who are doing bad things channel those instincts now to create conflict in many settings. We need people to do good things to channel those instincts to generate, support, and sustain Peace.

We are all saints. We are all sinners.

Let’s each choose in fully informed and good hearted and enlightened ways to be saints, and then let’s do what it will take to have that decision we each make create Peace in our time and Now.

Sponsoring the Alliance for Peacebuilding is one step on that pathway.