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We Need Faith Groups and Science to Work Together to Create Peace

We need faith groups to be aligned with Peace groups and with Peace efforts and with the scientific community at core levels to create and protect Peace in these troubled and challenging times.

We have reached the point where it is increasingly clear to some people of Faith that quantum physics, quantum biology, and quantum socio biology are all tool kits that were given to us all as intentional and explicit gifts, and is increasingly clear that we need to use those gifts to keep us from damaging each other in all of the ways that can far too easily happen if we allow our worst tribal instincts to create our agendas, thoughts, emotions, values and behaviors as individuals and as groups.

Quantum physics is increasingly wonderful. We have growing layers of amazing formulas, equations and quantum tools that let us build lasers, computers, imaging processes, communication devices, linkages and approaches, energy sources, and multiple kinds of chemical and energy-based weapons and tools — and we need to use those gifts in intentional ways to create the best futures we can create for ourselves.

We should be using that tool kit with its marvelous complexity to help us deal with the energy, pollution and environmental issues that loom ahead with increasing levels of threat and growing concern for our future as inhabitants and stewards of this Eden that is our planet.

We also now have new levels of biological tools that let us understand DNA and RNA at the most foundational and detailed levels — and we can actually now, if we want to do that, use those tools to change our own DNA and to functionally direct and steer our own biological evolution as a species for the first time in our history.

We have now evolved intellectually to the point where we could actually evolve biologically.

The new CRISPR tool kit is a just-in-time discovery because it lets us build vaccines that use our RNA to instruct our bodies in how to respond to that new virus and we now understand both DNA and RNA at the most detailed levels of their codes and processes in ways that let us steer our biology as directly as we steer our quantum physics tool kit.

Because we have that knowledge and because we now know absolutely from our understanding of those codes and of the various component parts of the process — including the 25 million enzymes that we now know are embedded in each of us as humans by that process — it is also now clearer to us that none of those processes exist and are in place with interlocking functionality exclusively because of classic Darwinian serendipitous and purely situational processes. Those actual processes are all dependent on codes and that fact and reality tells us important things about what they are and where they originated.

Mutations do not create codes.

Codes are always tools. They are inherently and innately intentional. They never spring into existence anywhere on their own. All codes exist as messengers and as building, steering and directional tools — and we now should all move on to the next perception of the next level theory of Evolution that is now based on the actual tool kits that we now know that we have and on our growing understanding of how they actually work.

We currently have growing awareness and increasing knowledge that the elements of quantum physics that we have geniuses almost obsessively unraveling and documenting are also intertwined and embedded in the biological programing — and we now have been learning that processes like photosynthesis and even the synchronous flights of birds are part of a fabric of interactions with quantum linkages rather than being separate historical, situational and coincidentally happening processes and events.

Our science is at a golden age for seeing how those processes functionally work in our real world.

We know that the basic patterns that exist in physics and biology are also part of who we are as humans and people — and we also now need to recognize, accept and deal with the fact that we people are as programmed in our ways as the microbes and the quarks — with instincts to be hierarchical, tribal, territorial, and possessive at multiple levels all steering our cultures, behaviors, emotions and beliefs on a constant basis and giving our consciousness a context for its functionality and processes.

Our religious groups, organizations, settings, communities, and beliefs tend to all fit into those sociobiological patterns and into that powerful instinctive programming, and those instincts are extremely relevant and important to the Peace processes we have in front of us today.

We have alpha leaders in religious settings and in various other group and community settings who can lead us both to saintly, loving, enlightened and accepting behaviors, or who can lead us to anger, distrust, and even conflict in ways that can feel too right to the people in those settings who have those instincts in gear and that provide instinctive reinforcement for the Alpha leaders steering us down those paths.

Our challenge that we need to recognize today is that we are very much at risk if we don’t get some key things right at this point in time.

We have issues that are causing people with those most negative inter group instincts activated in hostile and conflicted ways who are not helping with key and overall issues of climate and environmental threats and who sometimes won’t even use the vaccines that those other intentional miracles have created to reduce the damage of that deadly virus and save our lives.

That set of concerns and inter group behaviors is relevant to PeaceCon today.

This session of this PeaceCon conference is addressing some of the faith group alignment opportunities and issues. As a Peace organization, we need all faith groups to rise to their higher and most enlightened sets of values and to support the Peace process in all of the ways that are needed to make it succeed.

We are more likely to succeed if we have the faith groups and the Peace groups aligned. We need to take advantage of the fact that many of our best scientists are also supportive of that linked agenda. George Ellis and Frank Wilczeck are two of the Nobel-level scientists who have written books and shared their learning in those areas.

We need the scientists in each of our key fields to give us their best tools — and we will be well served if increasing numbers of our science leaders to accept their roles in helping us channel our best tools right now in the interest of us all achieving inter group Peace and group safety in our settings.

Francis Collins and Perry Marshall have written books that steer us in very useful ways in those directions.

PeaceCon is doing a session today on the between faith groups, science, and Peace that could offer key insights in those areas for us at some levels.

We are finally at the point where we can stop thinking of science and religion as going down separate and sometimes conflicted paths to the point where we can recognize that science in all of those dimensions is a gift from God and we can support the sense that each faith component and each faith tradition and belief can use that information about science being a gift to reinforce their own beliefs about the universe and the world we live in ways that feel right to each group and help us do the right things for each other and for ourselves in enlightened and supportive ways because we share that belief.

Quantum physics and quantum biology and quantum sociobiology and now quantum Metaphysics each flow from the science that we are blessed to have today.

Let’s use that package to create, protect, and enhance Peace and to help create a reduction in the conflict we see in too many settings now.

Peace in our time should be a blessing — not a defeatist, sad and ironic curse — and we need people of faith to be aligned with each other and with science in actually making it happen.