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The Physics of God

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September 15, 2020

Everything in the Universe — every element of matter and of energy, all quantum particles of waves, electrons, protons and quarks — and every component of biology, of DNA and RNA, and of life itself — Is all connected and it is all part of a creation fabric that is interwoven in intricate and clearly intentional and effective ways with itself.

We know that to be true because we now have solid and continuously improving scientific proof that that full set of components exist and that they interact with each other in observable and increasingly discernable ways to create that overall reality that we live in.

Science is exploding.

We have growing quantum physics learnings and growing biological science learnings, and we now have clear knowledge into a wide range of functional areas that were only areas of speculation until the relatively recent past.

We now know with increasing levels of skill how to use those new tools.

We just created the new Covid vaccine by tapping into our RNA coding and by instructing our own epigenetic processes that are coded into our bodies and we used the vaccine to directly trigger our own defenses for the first time ever without that process involving having any of us each having any actual exposure to the disease. The scientists on our vaccine team did what would have been perceived to be magical work just a couple of years ago and it worked extremely well — exceeding the old expectations we have had for most vaccine processes in the past.

That is just the tip of that iceberg.

Our science has made spectacular progress and we have had a golden century and a platinum decade and now a clearly diamond year of learning and of discernment and of growing competence in all of those areas and we now know more about all of the parts of existence than we have ever known in our entire history as people on this planet.

We now understand the brilliant mathematics of quantum physics at multiple levels — and we have been awarding Nobel prizes for genius level work in that area. We take it all for granted. We now can create lasers and we can read the files of storage devices and computers at microscopic levels and we can channel energy into both tools and weapons of mass destruction and we tend not to think about or collectively know and understand what has given us that set of capabilities.

The mathematicians who do the beautiful mathematics of quantum physics cannot always explain how or why some of the results happen but they absolutely trust the quantum math because it has never failed them in their search for processes and for functional interactions that we can control and steer and utilize in those microscopic, macroscopic, and hugely important areas of our lives.

Biology is turning out to be even more complex and important than quantum physics. We are also giving out Nobel prizes in biology and life sciences for extremely useful insights and tools in that area.

We now know that we have massive numbers of enzymes in our DNA that do functionally important and essential things for us every moment of our lives — and we don’t tend to be aware or understand that they exist.

We actually have 50 trillion cells in our body. That’s a huge number. That’s probably about the number of stars that exist in the universe.

We actually have more than 20 million different proteins encoded in our DNA.

That’s 20 million different proteins in just our DNA.

That’s why the classic and academically supported Darwinian theory of evolution needs to be significantly updated, enhanced and intellectually evolved as a theory, as Perry Marshall explains so well in his book Evolution 2.0 and in his subsequent research into developmental processes.

We need to move past and beyond that classic Darwinian process that is taught with so much consistency in our academic settings today, because it clearly has not kept up with current science and it also does not explain or describe what is actually happening at the micro level in our bodies today.

We need to understand the key issues that exist relative to that old theory.

Classic Academic Darwinian theory is extremely clear. It says that there is only one process that exists to change a species and it says that the only change process is for a species to have an absolutely random and completely unintentional mutation of some kind and then for that completely unintentional mutation to be passed on to the offspring of the living thing that has the mutation.

The classic Darwinian theory calls for survival of the fittest reproducer for each purely random mutation, so the theory is that evolution functionally selects that mutation and has the mutation compete in reproductive success levels with other members of that same species that do not have that mutation — and then, over actual generations, the set of descendants who literally out reproduce the other version of the species become the dominant version of that species.

The Darwinian Theory of Evolution selection process and approach that designs all species is based entirely on which version of the offspring has the best reproductive success. That usual model functionally requires that you generally need to have over 1,000 generations to make that selection in a way that a species is sufficiently changed in order to have that mutation offspring be the dominant version of the offspring.

Darwinians are absolutely positive and they are doctrinally rigidly insistent that there is no intentionality in the mutation process at any level and they insist explicitly that the only factor that determines which version survives is that it mathematically and functionally out reproduces the other versions in that species who do not have that mutation.

That is a very coherent, explicit, and clearly understood theory.

Darwin was a great scientist and a brilliant man, but that theory has some discernable flaws because he did not have the science that we have today to work with on several basic functional biological issues.

We can actually use common sense at this point in time to look at and evaluate key pieces of that particular process.

Pure common sense is a legitimate tool for us to use today to judge that particular process because we now have the actual numbers in some key areas at very clear numbers that allow common sense to be relevant to evaluate and judge the process.

The numbers are huge and they are extremely relevant to our thinking today.

If we now know with great scientific comfort and certainty that we have 20 million enzymes explicitly coded into our DNA and if it took 1,000 generations or more to make each change in each enzyme in our DNA, then we can know that our species clearly has not been around long enough for that set of functional mathematics to be possible.

That’s too many required generations to make those changes. In addition, from a common-sense and current observation context, there is also no indication now that any change in that segment or that component of who we are is happening today. We clearly do not have any generations of people around us today who are being selected at some competitive level for their relative enzyme composition in a way that would change our species going forward in the way Darwin believers contend it changed our species in the past and in the way that those 20-plus million changes functionally happened for prior generations of people in our lineage.

The answer to that particular process and that particular mathematic functionality question in academic circles usually is time.

Significant amounts of time. Billions of years of time.

Pure Darwinians tend to point to the fact that the universe has been here for billions of years and they tend to very consistently argue with a significant level of conviction that billions of years is enough for any of those changes to happen.

The billions of years argument is a good one for some things, but when you look at human enzymes, we actually have not been here that long. Those millions of changes in the human enzymes only had a relatively few years in which to happen and we have no historical evidence that we lived as people in settings that would have allowed that process to thrive and to survive for the thousands of generations that classic Darwinism needed for each part of that change process to happen.

We need our academics to move on beyond classic Darwinian thinking to use the new science available to us today and we need our academic biologists to consider the suggestion and the recommendation of Perry Marshall and related thinkers that it’s time for Evolution 2.0 to be designed and used to steer us forward academically from here.

We have actually reached an extremely important moment in our history at a couple of levels because we actually now have a new set of powerful tools in hand that can directly modify our DNA — and we actually could use both an intellectual and physical process to evolve as a species at this point in time. We could become larger or faster or grow scales or even grow wings if any of those things make sense for us to do.

We already know that our current epigenetic processes for all of our children only make neuron connections by the billions in the first two years of life — and if we extended that golden opportunity of neuron connectivity for each child to four or five years for each child instead of having that opportunity ending at three, we could have all students be much smarter than they are now.

We could probably do that if we wanted to do it. We can actually change anything in our DNA for the first time in our history.

The truth is, with the absolutely amazing new CRISPR DNA editing tool kit, it’s actually easy to do those changes in ways that could permanently change our DNA.

We have actually reached the point where we not only absolutely can see our DNA, we can reengineer it in a wide range of directions. We now know that the next version of evolution for us as humans might be created by functional mechanics at this point in our history.

We also now know beyond question that the old Theory of Evolution had flaws and we know that the theory that is taught in so many academic settings needs to be enhanced.

We can just look today at the more than 20 million enzymes of our DNA and we can know that the old model of evolution actually did not work in the way people believed it was working because the old process could not have possibly built that tool kit for us. That tool kit obviously had other origins than happenstance and fortuitous serendipity.

Intentional design is absolutely clearly included in the life maintenance tool kit or it could not exist.

We have a very robust set of new waves of both biologists and physicists who are willing to look both at those tools and at the processes that must have brought them into existence.

We have several great new books on those issues.

Very smart people are currently helping to gain and give us a next generation of perspective about those issues in both biology and physics. Books are available on those topics and issues and they are beginning to look like a package of information and insights for the first time in our history.

We actually have an extremely useful array of recent books that write about both the amazing tool kit for both biology and physics and where it all came from that can give us context for our thinking. We have several highly respected academic giants and process geniuses who have written books explaining both the tools and their origin and that can help us understand our choices and options at a higher and better-informed level.

We seem to have Gifts from God to understand and we have some books to help us do that.

Gifts from God books used to be theology text books and religious thought pieces. The new Gifts from God books are about quantum physics, quantum biology, quantum sociobiology, and now quantum metaphysics.

We have been very recently blessed with a number of excellent books that have been reviewed on this website by highly credible genius authors who have each been looking at the science in those key areas and who each believe that the coding of life and the mathematics and formulas of physics and energy are all intentionally and brilliantly designed and that we have been given major gifts from God in all of those hugely important areas.

Francis Collins wrote one of the books. Dr. Collins is the head of the National Institute of Health today and he was actually the director of the historic Human Genome Project for our country. He wrote an excellent book celebrating DNA that was called The Language of God.

That book explains how complex and wonderful that tool is and how well it fits into the world we live in and it reflects his belief that it was all a gift to us from God.

Dr. Collins is an Evangelical Christian.

George Ellis wrote a couple of beautiful books on the complexity of the tools and the interactions that exist and he also concluded that those tools exist in a universe that was created for us by God. Dr. Ellis calls for us to be moral, ethical, loving, and creative people and celebrates the science and what we should do with it.

One book is called, On The Moral Nature of the Universe, and the other is called, Before the Beginning. He is a cosmologist and a mathematician and he also has some excellent lectures available on the internet for his thinking about physics and the way we should interact with the world. He was a co-author with Stephen Hawking on one of his first books.

Dr. Ellis is a devout Quaker.

One of the newest books in the current icon-written gifts from God learning library was written by Nobel Prize winning physicist, Frank Wilczek. His brilliant and accessible new book: Fundamentals, The Ten Keys to Reality, is just months old. Dr. Wilczek wanted to make Quantum Physics more accessible to his friends who were very bright people, and he used that as his template for writing and he succeeded in his goal.

He explains both physics and human and biological components of the universe with a delightful clarity, and he also makes the point that this beautiful little Eden that we live in exists and functions because of some very special component parts of the entire creation paradigm that would not exist if God had changed any of the core conditions for physical creation in even the very smallest way.

Perry Marshall, an extremely insightful engineer with a computer focus, wrote an excellent book demonstrating and proving that the coding in DNA and RNA are actually intentional codes — and he makes the point as an engineer for computers who deeply understands computer codes that computers never program themselves and he reminds us and points out that computers with no instructions never create code from scratch.

Darwin could not have written that analysis and reached those insights because he didn’t have computers to work with for context and understanding. He probably would have done magnificent things with that information — but it did not exist when he wrote Evolution 1.0.

Marshall also just wrote an excellent piece on the major role that consciousness plays in biology and in life and he shows that all living things seem to be conscious at very relevant levels that create the contexts for the codes that are built.

The committed atheists and non-deists who look at the basic physics of our planet and who agree that our wonderful planet is exactly the right size and has the right gravity and the right amount of water and the right levels of carbon-based molecules and the right kind of atmosphere and the right local chemical composition for life to exist tend to make the argument that it is absolutely totally coincidental and just plain good luck for everything on our planet to be such a perfect fit for us.

They agree with the perfect analysis, but attribute it to good luck.

Some people argue for a multiverse explanation of that perfect fit — and some people say that it is possible for there to be a billion universes under the rough context of quantum physics — and they believe that there are so many options that the reason that everything seems to fit so well here is that if you have a billion universes, one is likely to be a good fit for us just based on pure circumstantial factor happenstance.

It’s interesting that some people are so committed to the origin of the universe and of life to have an atheistic foundational reality, that they would rather imagine and postulate a billion universes rather than accept the possibility that there could be one with intentional design in its foundation and core.

They insist on “fortuitous” as the only acceptable process.

“Fortuitous” entirely down to the very bottom of every process is their usual explanation — and that is hard to refute intellectually for physics because it is at least theoretically possible if you believe in the possibility of a multiplicity of universes, and it is possible to believe in that context that one universe would work out for life and one could work out for us in all of those ways as we know ourselves to exist.

That argument breaks down, however, when you now add to our intellectual knowledge base what we have now learned from computers about code. There is no fortuitous way to create code. Code is always intentional.

It’s a law of reality. Something needs to create a code when a code exists. Perry Marshall describes that brilliantly at several levels and he shows us why that is so important to us as we look at our processes and their sources.

DNA and RNA are codes. Just like the mathematical formulas that exist for quantum physics, they are valid in their own right because they were each obviously intentionally built and they interact with one another in obviously intentional ways.

We look at waves in physics. We look at codes in biology.

Both waves and codes are foundational to those processes, and both have obvious elements of design embedded in them.

So we are beginning to see how intertwined all of those tools are — and we have a growing number of highly credible experts who can help overcome the extremely strong anti-diest thinking that has become the norm in many of our academic circles.

We are blessed today with an extremely academically credible new set of experts who are taking us down important paths in both of those directions with some excellent new books that we might benefit from reading.

The books are a blessing in themselves. This important and relatively new extremely credible set of experts have produced books that teach us about those tools and about their role as tools in this particular set of books and do it with zero anti-deism in their writing or thoughts.

All of those books from those icons about our gifts from God that are reviewed on this website are actually very good tee up and good context for another directly relevant and brilliant and insightful book by Joseph Selbie that is actually simply called The Physics of God.

This particular book review is actually about that Physics of God book and explains why it is a solid addition to the Gifts from God book collection.

Selbie is a long-time thinker about metaphysical issues and about meditation related linkages into the universe who does a brilliant job of making a link between quantum physics and quantum biology and he even tees up quantum sociobiology and quantum metaphysics in his understanding of our world and the universe we live in in his Physics of God book.

The Four Paradigm theory that was described and explained earlier in thought pieces on this website says that we live in a functional meld of four key paradigms — quantum physics, quantum biology, quantum sociobiology, and quantum metaphysics — or God — and the Selbie Physics of God book is great reinforcement and very useful support at several levels for that Four-Paradigm context and belief.

Selbie also describes very clearly describes physics, biology, creation, and consciousness as being a package and he writes about the current theories of quantum physics that call for the existence of multiple dimensions — his sense from that set of quantum physics thoughts that our world is currently comfortably embedded in one of those dimensions.

That theory about dimensions is not actually new ground for our current version of quantum physics as the great centers of academic learning are using that tool today.

Quantum physics has some interesting elements that say that there is an entanglement process that happens between two particles and that the entangled particles stay linked with each other regardless of how far apart they are.

Einstein called entanglement Spooky Connectivity At A Distance. and he did not like the fact that the mathematics of quantum physics showed and required that it existed.

Entanglement seemed wrong to a lot of people in the physics world because it seemed to violate the theory of relativity belief that nothing moves faster than the speed of light — and entanglement has been shown by real quantum physics experiments to be both simultaneous and instantaneous regardless of distance.

One way for that instantaneous link to be possible would be for there also to be a two-dimensional non-local existence that exists as a functional “realm” in addition to our three-dimensional existence and to have the two-dimensional world happening everywhere simultaneously.

The quantum physicists label those links to be non-local connections and to have non-local existence.

Non-local is a huge concept. Some physicists believe that it is possible to have many dimensions simultaneously and that there could also be a non-local realm that connects everything simultaneously.

We are on a very steep but important learning curve in this space on that whole area of thinking.

A combination of non-local interactions and synchronicity seem to be involved in some aspects of photosynthesis for plants. If synchronicity is involved in that very basic and fundamental process for life, then life actually has a huge quantum physics connection and that will be fascinating to explore, understand, and possibly use in various ways as another layer in our science.

We see extremely visible behaviors like huge flocks of birds flying in synchronous alignments with each other and we see huge schools of fish likewise swimming in unison in stunningly choreographed and extremely responsive and absolutely visibly synchronous ways — and no one has come up with a better explanation for that reality than synchrony and entanglement for explaining those behaviors.

We already know that there are links into consciousness of living things from the realities of the physical world at a number of levels. Some research has shown conscious learning even at the level of bacteria.

Magnetism and other energy fields also have been shown to be connected to living things in ways that make more sense at a common-sense level if we believe that it was all created as a package.

Multiple experiments and studies have shown connected things like the fact that robins actually migrate in ways that are somehow aligned with the magnetism of the earth. Some of that research has been done and some of those linkages do exist and we can expect to see that entire school of learning blossom as we figure out more of the parts and pieces of the process and learn to use that information in a growing array of ways.

We have computers and lasers and electron microscopes and entire arrays of tools already from quantum physics mathematics, and we can only imagine how much more we will be able to do with this next generation of learning into the links between the paradigms if they have functional use to us.

Selbie’s extremely insightful and clearly polymathic book helps create and explain some context for that thinking.

The Physics of God book creates and describes a multi-dimensional context for those interactions and explains why we need to look at the full context of physics as a gift from God to understand what we need to do now with our understanding and with our lives.

The book also considers the issues of Time and how time affects all of us in so many ways.

We clearly were created at the far end of a very long timeline, billions of years after the Big Bang and billions of years after the creation of our planet, and the logical question to ask is — if we believe that at least part of the reason for the universe to exist is to have our conscious minds exist and to do conscious things; like doing mathematics; steering local quarks and protons; appreciating beauty; creating various kinds of music, art, and beauty; and both directly feeling love and acting in loving and ethical ways with each other — why did it take at least 13 billion years for today and for our current actual-existing Us to happen?

There are a couple of answers to that question.

One answer is that time might not be relevant to God. That length of time might feel like nothing to God and it would not be relevant in any way that we could think of Time.

It’s also possible that functionally, from a pure engineering perspective, that amount of time was just how long it took for that particular set of chemicals that were created and for those chosen biological tools to work their natural way from the Big Bang down their various pathways into creating us and that was fine because that’s just how long it took to do it right and because this outcome was the right result that God wanted from that process so that was actually the right amount of time to make it happen?

A number of scientists with a full belief in God — including the authors of two of the Gifts from God books — believe in that functionality linked process-based timeline and find it very acceptable as an article of their faith at this point in time that it just took this long for it all to happen.

Another answer is that we know from Einstein and from the brilliant theory of relativity that time, itself, is relative.

That’s why the theory is called relativity.

So relative time might make that timeframe also only relevant to itself and not to any actual passage of time at another level.

Light traveling at the speed of light seems to be timeless to itself. If God is somehow light — as so many verses in the Bible and in other faith teachings seem to say — that timelessness could be extremely relevant to appreciate in that context.

The fourth answer is that we also know from connectivity and from the entanglement that we know happens in quantum physics that time can also be instantaneous and that simultaneous things could and do happen — and it’s possible that everything is actually happening simultaneously and it only feels sequential to us because it is sequential in the dimension we live in.

Quantum physics formulas and string theory that has extremely solid mathematical functionality at multiple levels that we use every day for our understanding of quantum physics, actually tells us that there are multiple dimensions that exist now.

The string theory quantum math shows us at least eleven dimensions for our universe now — with more possible as we better understand those processes and concepts. The mathematics of string theory that are used for multiple highly functional things only work when there is a factor added that reflects those otherwise unknown dimensions.

The book, A Quantum Case for God, by Dennis Zetting, also does a brilliant job of both helping us understand those basic realities of physics and then ties them directly to Christian theology and to specific elements in the Bible that most Christians use as an underpinning for their faith.

Zetting points out that the six days of creation theory actually follows the sequence we now know to be quantum physics creation timelines — and he writes that if we assume that there is another level of existence in the underlying membranes (or “branes”) of existence that operate independently of time as we know it — then it’s entirely possible that the days of Creation explained in Genesis represent how it actually happened with the invention of plants and DNA happening prior to their release into our physical plane on this planet and as a legitimate prior step for building some key parts of our world as we know it.

If the point of creating our world is to give us a safe, functional, beautiful, and wonderful planet for us to live on — then predesigning plants and adding light to our planet, in some ways later actually follows a logical logistical sequence — because it begins with the end in mind and then puts the support tools in place later to keep life alive.

Having people appear at the end of the process late on day six after building a million test species before us to perfect the process also actually fits the historical sequence that we know exists and reflects the reality of the DNA legacy in our own blood. We did not evolve historically or functionally from Apes, but some of the same tools clearly were used to build us in our current form and that creates both some of our opportunities and our challenges.

That process also explains some of the time context situations.

Brian Greene, in The Elegant Universe book, and Dennis Zetting, in A Quantum Case for God book, both describe multi-level possibilities for time passage approaches and explain how we could live in a world that clearly has elements with major design components in at least our biology.

Greene says, with the zero-brane approach — “conventional notions of space and of distance between points melt away, leaving us with a vastly different conceptual landscape.”

Zetting argues that all of existence essentially happens in the Mind of God with an underlying connectivity fabric that bears major resemblance to the mystical revelations of a wide number of faith traditions and religious beliefs.

The Physics of God book by Selbie also very directly believes in multiple timelines and layers of existence and the Selbie book contends that there actually is another interacting dimension or brane that God directly steers that has impact on our lives — creating things like the famous Cambrian Explosion in new species on the planet from that background dimension — and he argues that our timeline might be something that is observed from that perspective and then guided in some ways toward the goals that God has for our world and for our lives.

Those are extremely relevant and important considerations about timelines and about the creation process that we now can see with direct links into the new science of quantum mechanics at multiple levels. Quantum mechanics is now becoming a kind of spiritual context at several unexpected levels as well as the cutting edge of pure science.

We do not know how many layers there are to time. Some physicists are trying to build time crystals in some settings today, and it will be interesting to see what they create. Frank Wilczek has influenced some of that work and he would be a good source to track to see how it develops.

What is most relevant to us today about time that all of the authors agree on is that we each are extremely mortal and we each have only a very few years to live. That time limitation puts some functional pressure on us to achieve things quickly and not to drag them out.

That’s actually probably worth considering. It is motivating at some relevant and obvious levels to be very finite.

How long would it have taken those brilliant minds in our physics labs to develop the current theories and the complex mathematics of quantum physics if each of the physicists who did that extremely challenging and brilliant work actually were immortal. They might have been working at a slower pace if they had forever as their working environment and as their functional time opportunity.

We do love to think.

We do it really well in a growing number of important areas.

We are obsessive in our learning activities and our commitments to learning.

We have a vast and surprisingly robust array of people thinking about all of those issues in our scientific community and academic settings. We have a bee hive of complex experiments in both physics and biology — with very impressive numbers of very well educated and well-trained people doing the pieces of that work in multiple settings and doing it with obvious intensity.

We use significant resources to make all of that learning happen. We actually make it a major priority at some important and continuing levels in wide range of settings — and we have pieces of equipment like the Hadron Collider that has ten thousand scientific workers and actually cost several billions of dollars to build with 17 actual miles of buried circumference in challenging locations that we built just to get subatomic particles that we believe are part of our quantum physics reality to collide — and we tend to work at a frantic pace to learn things in that kind of setting because we are clearly focused on learning and on discerning and on creating and sharing knowledge as a key part of who we are.

Each of the authors of the Gifts from God books has an obvious personal sense of urgency themselves for doing that work — and each of those authors also has a clear Peace of Mind that it is the right work to be doing and this is the right time to do it.

Time is a key factor for the entire context.

People who have near death experiences tend to say that they believed they moved into a timeless space — and that could be what happens to each conscious mind after we build the lasers and the computers and possible time crystals of this existence, but for those of us who are still living in this dimension, the time that matters is Now.

Now is key.

Now is clearly the relevant time for us.

It deserves to be capitalized.

We need to use Now because Now is the only time we definitely have and we need to get Now as right as we can and do it Now.

These five books give us just in time information for us all at this moment in time about each of those paradigm areas. The information is just in time because we actually do need to use it well right now.

We are at a crossing point in our country and in our world today for some of our major threats and challenges.

We are at a crossing point because tribal related instinctive behaviors are beginning to hurt us in our country in a number of settings.

When we look at each of the four paradigms of existence, we can easily see that we face threats from what we now know in physics, and from what we now know in the life sciences, and from our current actualization of some of the most damaging instinctive behaviors that are built into what we now understand to be in our instinct-sculpted quantum knowledge tool kit for humanity.

We also face some related challenges in some settings from our interactions in the localized context of Paradigm Four — God — because that paradigm can and should lead us to loving, protective, supportive, accepting, and enlightened behaviors, but we know from sad and painful experience that our metaphysical related cultural responses and the opportunities created in some religious setting can very sadly also be a trigger for some of our ugliest and most damaging tribal instincts and for the dangerous activation of highly seductive and addictive alpha instincts by group leaders at a crude and selfish level in some of the people who lead some of the groups that are supposedly religion supporting, God worshipping and God celebrating organizations and settings.

We need to do much better in some parts of that space. Pathologically activated and situationally reinforced and personally activated alpha instincts can turn some religious settings into very negative situations for some people. We need to know what those dangers and behavior patterns are and we need to choose to avoid them and to not allow our leaders in any settings to go down those pathways for their own instinctive drives and needs.

We also all now need to recognize both what we each are and who we each are — and we need to understand that who we each are is a complex picture that we need to deal with in very intentional and enlightened ways to guide us all to the right beliefs and behaviors in our lives to have us do the right things for the right reasons and in the right ways to optimize our ability to succeed and to be right in what we become and are.

We each need to understand, as Martin Luther said in one of his teachings, that we are all saints and we are all sinners, so we need to very intentionally each make decisions in our lives and our settings that activate and support the saint side of who we are and we need to have the saint side of who we are be the way we actually each lead our lives.

We need personal enlightenment about ourselves as context for that process. As part of that learning, we need to avoid thought processes that have us treating and thinking of other people in the most damaging instinctive ways as Them.

We also need our faith groups, themselves, to be sources of enlightenment and love and support and understanding and forgiveness rather than settings where people with activated tribal behavior and even, in some cases where people with their own distorted sexual abuse sets of behaviors personally activated, are doing things that do damage to people under their influence and control that should not happen.

Religious settings sometimes do bad things to people.

Some negative sets of behaviors are inflicted far too often on people in religious settings in damaging and divisive ways and both our history and the modern world gives us ample examples of how badly those ties to faith beliefs and to religions can be used to damage people in very wrong ways in too many settings.

We need to steer that religious based behavior in other positive directions all of the time.

We need to know and believe that God is love and not a source of anger.

We need to be enlightened people and we need to very intentionally steer our groups and their leaders away from having evil happen in our paradigm four settings.

Evil is real.

Evil can be triggered by our instincts that cause us to protect our own tribe at the expense of other tribes — with no sense of guilt when we damage the other tribe — and that evil can feel very right to people because they link it to protecting their own group and setting.

We have very explicit instincts to be hierarchical, territorial, acquisitional, and we have instinctive behaviors and thought processes that can actually suspend our ethics relative to both gaining wealth and acquiring and controlling turf — and we can and should rise above all of those behaviors and beliefs when we decide at an enlightened intellectual level to be an Us and decide to apply our most saintly sets of emotions and beliefs to the settings we are in and to our own lives.

One problem that results from having both conscious minds and functional and personalized free will is that we can find ourselves in our own minds choosing to do things that are not ethical or caring things and sometimes even evil things to do and they can feel very right to us if our instincts have channeled our thoughts and our emotions in those directions.

In the worst case, that powerful sense in a person that doing evil is the right thing to do might even go beyond our lives, themselves. That ability to extend that evil beyond the end of life could explain the need for exorcisms in some settings.

The Metaphysics beliefs and traditions for various faith groups can often have a belief that some people who have a strong sense of activated evil or who have other strongly addictive and at least partly pathological set of attachment instincts activated who actually die themselves might sometimes refuse from pure selfish will power to move on to the next level of existence and instead of moving on, they can sometimes personally continue to fight on in ego driven and hateful ways to continue to do evil things to living people here even after they are dead — and that set of possible outcomes for some people could explain why so many cultures have their own evil spirit beliefs and why so many cultures explicitly have exorcisms of various kinds to get the now deceased people who still hate and who are still obsessively attached to something in life to give up that obsessive linkage to this world.

This is a purely speculative way of explaining how some of that highly problematic behavior might functionally happen in a multi-dimension situation where we have both free will and consciousness and where the angry or obsessive person who leaves this dimension with evil intent fully activated might have a continuing negative impact on the world around them both as part of the dying process and beyond their functional death.

The exorcisms rituals in various cultures tend to be release processes, if our books and our movies are accurate representations of what those processes actually are.

To keep us off that track, one of the things that we need to do now is to very deliberately steer us all away from inter group hatred.

We need to avoid that level of obsessive and focused hate for anyone.

We need to help people in all settings to not be hating other people in those settings.

We need to make Paradigm Four a blessing for us in every setting and not a curse in any setting.

We need to have a good sense of the overall context that we are in at this point in our history.

We need to recognize our own consciousness as a key component of various levels of existence that might exist and we need to each enjoy and welcome our own personal role in that overall process.

We definitely need our faith experiences to be reinforcing experiences — and we also need prayer at multiple levels and in multiple ways to be an easy process for people who want to pray. We need to set up ways and processes that feel right to people to pray and to worship — both alone and together. Group worship can have its own reinforcing positive impact and it happens in most settings because it feels so right to so many people.

We need to use our constructed rituals and our music and our ceremonies of faith to give us context and comfort and even beauty for the process, and we need people to have both not only the personal expression of their alignment with God and the options of various levels of shared alignment with other people who feel right as co-worshipers and as alignment reinforcement and support groups.

We need faith experiences that work for us.

Meditation works well for some people.

We need people who want to meditate to have those choices and support for that process.

We also need people who believe in formal processes and shared beliefs and in religious events like Christmas and Easter and Communion to be able to have those experiences and to Commune where that feels like it is the right alliance for a person at this point in their lives.

We need to appreciate the overall context we have been given and to think about what it means to each of us to be part of the overall process and context of creation.

As Selbie writes in The Physics of God — "The physical universe, as astonishingly big as it is, is a relatively tiny part of the cosmos.”

“There is much more to reality than the three-dimensional realm of matter familiar to us,” Selbie said.

“Physicists have for decades theorized that there must exist a two-dimensional realm of pure energy that is inconceivably bigger than our physical universe. And that this realm of pure energy has long been understood by saints and sages to be the true location of the heavens described in every religion,” Selbie wrote.

The Physics of God book believes that each description of Heaven in each religious tradition is actually a useful description of what the physicists now see an underlying dimension and alignment of energy that underwrites and underlies the reality we see visually in our current lives.

“Deeper study reveals an underlying unity, a unity revealed in the testimony of those who have achieved transcendent awareness through the practice of the science of religion. In those shared truths, we find both an inspiring spiritual unity among all religions as well as ample room for the findings of science,” Selbie said.

Frank Wilczek and George Ellis both have a sense that our basic belief in everything being intentionally created and not purely circumstantially and situationally happening in some serendipitous way is very reassuring and reinforcing for both science and religion.

Their books also want us to achieve Peace and enlightenment and they clearly believe that our scientific efforts can be actually appreciative of God at very direct levels.

As Wilczek wrote very clearly in the preface of his new book — “In studying how the world works, we are studying how God works and thereby learning what God is. In that spirit, we can interpret the search for knowledge as a form of worship and our discoveries as revelations.”

In a similar vein, in his book Before the Beginning, George Ellis asks us to “consider the context as not merely related to physics and chemistry, but to the full nature of our existence.”

“This must include our fears and hopes, love and caring, value judgements, ethical choices and moral responsibility, as well as pain and suffering, whose reality I take to be at least as indisputable as any other area of existence — from the religious viewpoint, this explanation offers an answer to the issue of the existence of the Universe and the nature of physical laws by the statement that the Universe exists in order that human kind (or at least ethically aware self-conscious beings) can exist,” Dr. Ellis said. “This is done so that unselfishness and love can make itself manifest, an obviously and patently worthwhile purpose.”

Francis Collins and Perry Marshall go down similar paths — with Collins actually calling his book about chairing our national Genome Discovery program, The Language of God, and Marshall also digging down into the nature of the intentional programming that we now know is key to the functioning of DNA and RNA today.

We also now know that we actually have over a trillion neuron connections in our brains.

That is an amazing number of connections. If you personally spent a million dollars per day, it would take you 2,800 years to spend a trillion dollars.

We truly are both tiny and immense in very important ways in the context of the universe and in our own lives.

We now know that we live in a universe that has billions and trillions of stars and planets and galaxies and that has been in existence, we now believe, since the Big Bang event 13 billion years ago. Measurements of the speed of galaxies moving that we trust currently seem to indicate that for this functional universe, the stars and molecules began in a burst of energy and creation 13 billion years in the past.

Those same timeframe processes now estimate that our own lovely and magnificently furnished and endowed planet and our beautiful and remarkably supportive solar system came into being about 5 billion years ago. That is also a very long time.

Life of some kind seems to have existed on our earth for about 3 billion years, and our particular human family of life has a chronology as a species of somewhere between 300,000 years or 50,000 years depending on which set of ancestors we decide to relate to for our history and legacy as a group.

We are clearly very late arrivals to this party, using any of those measures and timelines.

It’s interesting and somewhat affirmational — depending on the religious alignments that you might have — that in the Christian and the Jewish Bible book of Genesis the actual description of the creation process and the overall sequence of creation events seems to have followed that same macro pattern of events, including having God starting with light and a Big Bang type of beginning. And then also actually saying explicitly that God functionally developed all of the other species in our world prior to creating us — and then God added people, a man and a woman, “in the Image of God” — to the world late in the day on Day Six.

Genesis describes us as a very late arrival even in that very first week.

God rested on Day Seven.

That particular description of the creation process referenced and described in Genesis says that the Man and the Woman who were introduced to the world late in the day on Day Six were explicitly created in the “image of God.”

That particular language about being created in the image of God has confused and puzzled some people in some belief settings who have sometimes wondered if that meant that God had any kinds of reproductive organs and any kinds of excretion processes that would seem to be necessary if we took all of those words perfectly literally, but that description actually might make more sense at a functional level if we looked at the extremely impressive numbers that exist relative to each of us in our actual creation and if we used those numbers to define and understand what we believe to be the relevant Image of God.

As several of the scientific authors of these Gifts from God books have pointed out, we have about the number of neuron connections in our brains that seem to be about what we estimate to be the number of galaxies in the universe.

As Frank Wilczek says: “In all of the ways that really matter, we are abundantly huge. The number of atoms in a single human body is roughly 10 to the 28th power — one followed by 28 zeros. That is a number far beyond what we can visualize. We can name it — 10 octillion.”

In the Physics of God book, Selbie also writes about our cells and he explains in useful ways what our cells can do as proof of our complexity.

“Our cells are incredibly prolific protein factories,” Selbie wrote. “It only takes seconds for each ribosome to produce a finished protein molecule containing as many as several thousand amino acids. Each of our body’s cells can produce hundreds of thousands, even millions, of protein molecules in a single day, and each cell is theoretically capable of producing every one of the 20 million different proteins encoded in human DNA.”

The classic functional traditional Darwinian Academic Theory of Evolution processes that are always taught in most schools today clearly have no chance at any level to be the actual processes that have created that complexity or that functionality.

People in our academic settings who continue to refer to the Darwinian Theory of Evolution as “The Scientific Approach” would be more functionally accurate to look directly and clearly at the actual current science and they probably should label the old evolution theory as a strongly supported belief system.

They should probably now label people’s explicit and full and unwavering support for that classic theory of evolution to now be a form of pure, deep and strong faith in secular processes that should probably actually evolve in useful ways at this point in time but that academic Darwinism is now is a pure belief with shrinking data based scientific support at this moment in time.

In Evolution 2.0, Marshall explicitly and scientifically discusses DNA from the perspective of computer engineering — and he says that one cell can hold a gigabyte of data.

“If you stretched a single strand of DNA end to end, it would be six feet long. But it is folded into a space so small that it is literally 1 trillion times denser than any hard drive. The folding of DNA inside the nucleus of the cell is fractal. A unique mathematical pattern places folds within folds within folds, so unlike your headphone cord, DNA strands do not tangle. The DNA quickly unpacks and repacks during gene activation and cell replication,” Marshall wrote.

This is very new information at multiple levels. It was not available to Charles Darwin. It is available now — and the Darwinian academics today have an extremely difficult time explaining now how relative survival levels of the best mutation for any part of that process or of that functionality could make that set of tools happen.

That actual process of evolution as we see it unfolding in our world is very real at some levels and it is clearly not a serendipitous or random mutation process.

It’s very clear today that a brilliant and intentional engineering mind of some kind actually and intentionally designed every part of that lovely process. Intentional design was the only possible way that those pieces of life as we know it could exist.

Intentional design for any process in any field always raises the issue of who was intentional in that particular design and process.

We face challenges that we need to understand and directly address in two very different directions on that set of issues about evolution and design.

The people who are absolutely confirmed and committed atheists who feel very strongly — with almost a religious conviction for some people — that atheism is completely right and that deism of any kind is absolutely wrong, give us one set of challenges for our thinking and for our collective set of beliefs about evolution and biology itself.

We also have significant numbers of people in the exact opposite direction who have very strong religious alignments along some of the fundamental branches of both the Muslim Religion and some components within Christianity who do not like evolution as a concept and who are very specifically opposed to the idea that any beginning point for the world and for life that is outside of the six-day creation story of Genesis is sinful, wrong, and possibly evil.

The length of a day is actually a major factor in those differences of belief and disagreements for a large number of people.

There are a significant number of believing people in some church segments who believe with explicit conviction that the days of creation that were described in the book of Genesis were six actual calendar days. The people who believe in the six-day version of creation also tend to believe that the universe isn’t billions of years old. They believe that the universe is actually barely thousands of years old and some believe that they can literally count the years using the other books of the Bible for reference points.

Other faith grounded people who also believe deeply in the Bible and who also believe that the book of Genesis has some legitimacy, value, and relevance, have come to believe that the days described in that story were not calendar days, but were actually time periods of various kinds.

Dennis Zetting, Christian faith leader and author of A Quantum Case for God makes a strong argument that both timeframes could have some legitimacy in thinking about those sequences and events from both a quantum physics perspective and from a pure historical event. The ability to have two timelines operating simultaneously in string theory in quantum physics is helpful to his argument.

Some of those people who believe in the Genesis sequence but who believe in larger time periods versus 24-hour days for creation say it seems potentially disrespectful of God for the six-day belief people to define, determine and limit the length of a day that God had to use to create that set of things.

Clearly no disrespect was intended but some of the people with the six-day belief do believe and say and write that God only used 24-hour days and some believe that no other use of time by God for that purpose of creation was possible or right or acceptable in any way.

We do have some challenges going forward because we have managed to create some serious ill will in in some settings with this set of discussions at several levels.

Some of the most fundamental of the believers have directly attacked both Darwinism as evil and Darwin, himself, as being an evil man and a functional tool of the devil.

Darwinians have not appreciate being called tools of Satan — even when they absolutely do not believe in Satan — and they sometimes tend to state that the sometimes feel some ill will toward the people who have attacked their beliefs and who have attempted to force various settings to abandon teaching Darwin’s theory at any level.

So there has been serious anger expressed on a couple of sides about the Darwinian beliefs.

That anger has been reinforced and exacerbated in some settings by some of the believers in pure Academic Darwinism who have also sometimes been openly disrespectful in their own ways for both the believers in the six-day process for any theory of evolution that has God as a possible factor in the process.

Some academic Darwinians have sometimes expressed disapproval, disrespect and even some levels of disdain for some of the non-atheists who work in the scientific and academic community and who don’t believe in the six days of creation timeframe, but who do believe in some level of intentional design for at least parts of the evolution and biological creation process.

Some academic settings have attacked the credibility and even threatened or suspended the credentials of people in their academic field who explore or discuss or propose any kind of Deism linked explanations for the creation of either life or the universe.

The word deism has been used as an insult in some settings.

It’s probably time for us all to move on in reasonable ways for a couple of those issues.

Science should be useful for the next generation of those discussions.

We need to get the current intellectual infrastructure in at least Biology in our academic settings to recognize that there is no way that classical Darwinian processes could have created RNA.

We don’t need anyone in those academic settings to believe that the Four-Paradigm design for the universe is the right answer — but we do need people in those settings who look at the science and the processes to agree that intentional design of some kind is a legitimate conclusion to reach.

We can easily tee up the Four Paradigm paradigm as an intellectually theoretically possible construction because so many of the pieces of the universe that we know fit nicely into that model.

So It would be good to get bright people to understand what it is and to believe that it is at least possible.

Anyone who can believe that quantum physics can create 1 billion universes should be able to consider the possibility that this universe has four major components that interact in intentional ways to give us the reality that we live in.

That four-paradigm model might be easier to not reject than pure deisms in academic circles because it functionally explains so many useful things in functionally believable ways and it fits the Physics of God thought context of this particular book by having an underlying dimension that connects everything.

For biologists in our academic settings, we minimally need to argue that we need Evolution to Evolve.

We do need evolution to evolve because science now tells us the old way did not do what it was theoretically supposed to do.

We might want to literally add a layer to quantum physics as well at this point in time.

We need the pure Darwinists to revisit their science and to come up with a Plan B and a next level theory that reflects the fact that DNA and RNA are clearly coded and have great intentional functionality.

The non-Deists who built that new explanation if evolution do not need to decide now exactly who actually created the codes, but once you recognize and understand epigenetics as a functional tool kit and when you recognize intellectually that it true that living beings all have both strong and responsive survival instincts and strong instinctive programing to act in aligned ways, then wonderful books like Richard Dawkins’s The Extended Phenotype can make huge logistical sense by just adding that information.

Dawkins wrote a great Extended Phenotype book, but he had to adroitly punt the processes that actually connected and created the phenotypes vaguely into the standard mythical Darwinian selection tools, and those tools clearly do not exist at a functional level for that work.

But the Physics of God work and insights on synchronicity and Perry Marshall’s excellent new work on conscious linkages and conscious behavior can and do explain why that is happening and they anchor the process on science and intentional tools rather than only on Darwinian linked fortuity.

Faith based people should welcome this boy of information about the need and role of intentional design in the creation process. People from all faiths should be able to look at these books and this context and find that their religious beliefs can bring them to both scientific enlightenment and to intellectual Peace.

The Dalai Lama wrote an excellent book celebrating science and the blessings in the context of Buddhism that we can get from exploring and understanding science in key areas of our lives that went a long way down that road in a very articulate and inclusive way.

Many Religious leaders and thinkers will very likely find this set of scientific reinforcements for the existence and role of God to be very reinforcing and beneficial.

Each faith path can and should stay on the path it is on today. Our pastors and priests and rabbis and our gurus and our shamans should rely on their own sense that they have a legitimate way of knowing and perceiving God and they should all continue down that path that they already perceive.

We have millions of wonderful living species on this planet that are all Gifts from God — and we can also be blessed by having hundreds and even thousands of faiths.

We are also better off for having hundreds of faiths.

We just need to make very sure that we don’t have anyone doing damage to anyone else in the name of their beliefs or faith.

We need to reinforce the flow of information for an array of faith leaders who have a strong sense that their own deism beliefs that feel right to them are legitimate and we need them to have a clear sense that they are now directly supported by science in these key areas of creation and of values and behaviors.

We also need people to have direct faith experiences and faith related encounters that feel right to the people who have them and that give each of us our best links to our own understanding of God.

It’s a package for each of us — and our personal sense and feeling that we are on the right path for ourselves should be interpreted by us now as a message from God that it is, in fact, a right path for us to be on.

We can learn and benefit directly from our faith traditions.

“Science and religion together give us the most complete view of reality,” Selbie wrote. “Not only have we seen the consistent testimony of the saints, sages, and near-death experiences is congruence with science. We have seen the timeless claims of all religions — miracles, life after death, heaven, God, and personal transcendent experiences — find confirmation in scientific experiment or, barring full confirmation, find affirmation in numerous scientific theories.”

At this point in the total process, we would be well served by both science and religion if we have and support direct religious experiences of various kinds that work well for people.

Religious conversions and beliefs can have great emotional and intellectual power. We need people to use prayer and various forms of personal and aligned worship to make the faith-based connections that feel right to each person. We need to encourage our worship settings and our personal faith beliefs and contexts to be right for us all — without any sense that there are any damaging contexts from any of those sets of beliefs and believers against any other set of beliefs.

Partisanship needs to end in that set of thoughts and interactions. We do not need to choose sides with our religions. We need to choose a religion or a belief — including non-involvement while we figure out what we believe — and then we need to avoid anything that feels competitive in those behaviors or beliefs.

God probably does not care who wins a soccer match or a baseball game — but God might enjoy the joy of whoever wins as part of enjoying joy when it happens, because enjoying joy might be one of the reasons we exist.

But choosing sides does not happen — and anyone who tells you that God has chosen sides in a competitive way should explain how that fits with the context of God who is love in a very basic and fundamental way.

Our tribal instincts do cause us as humans to choose sides. We need to not have that set of tribal instincts skew or distort how we describe what God wants us to do.

That is a danger.

When we look at the Four Paradigms, we need to be particularly aware of the importance of the people paradigm — and we need to be intellectually aware of the fact that we actually have instinct sculpted patterns of emotions, beliefs, and thoughts as people that can cause us all to actually be both saints and sinners in our own lives.

Those are very powerful instincts wired into us all. We basically separate the world into Us and Them for instinctive reasons and we tend to do loving and protective things for Us and we far too often do terrible, damaging and evil things to Them.

We need to be afraid right now about the directions some of those instincts are steering us.

We are tribalizing in America with so much intensity that we have a number of people who have massive distrust and even very real anger toward whoever is a Them and who currently actually want to somehow damage Them.

The entire world has those instincts activated today. There are more than 130 ethnic wars going on in the world today. Us-Them instincts are activated in Syria and Barcelona and Somalia and Indonesia, and Ethiopia, and Nigeria and people like the Uighurs and the Yazidis, and the Kurds, and the Rohingya are being very intentionally being damaged today because they are each in the wrong category of Them for the setting they are in.

Look up all of them.

It’s a long and painful list — and we all need to recognize at a purely intellectual and wisdom centered and contextually grounded awareness level that that damaging and evil behavior it is created in every setting by that particular set of us and them instincts being activated in that setting.

Knowledge Is Power.

We each need to see and understand the relevant overall patterns that happen.

We usually have a huge gap in our thinking on those behaviors and events. People see the situations — but people generally totally and completely miss the patterns that tee them up and that then exacerbate them in each setting when they have been activated.

History both repeats itself and rhymes.

We can’t ever get rid of those instincts — because we actually still do need them to survive in some settings — but we need to clearly and explicitly understand them for the first time in our history — because knowledge truly is power relative to those instinctive behaviors. We can finally understand exactly what they are and that understanding helps us actually get control over them.

We need the people who run our government to stop thinking about everything in purely situational terms and to finally understand how those sets of instincts drive behaviors in all of those other countries, and we need to make sure that we do not allow those packages of instincts to damage us and turn us as Americans into just another tribal nation at war with itself.

We can choose at an intellectually enlightened level now not to have those tribal instincts ruin our lives here in our country by deliberately creating a new mission- and values-based American Us that we all trust and that we all believe in for our own future behavior and decisions.

Knowing what those particular explicit quantum inter group instincts are is its own Gift from God for each of us — just like understanding quantum physics and understanding quantum biology is a Gift from God — and we need to do the right things for the right reasons not to have those instincts hurt us here.

We also should each decide, ourselves, to rise to a higher calling as individuals and as enlightened people.

The Physics of God book actually gives us a number of very useful tools and insights that can help make that happen.

We should develop a sense of appreciation to God for this incredible set of Gifts.

We could be at the beginning of an absolutely wonderful time as a people and a macro setting.

We have magnificent tools.

We should make sure that our grandchildren live in a world that uses all of the magnificent potential bounty of energy, clean environments, and medical and biological science that is coming into being to give us and our children and our grandchildren a better life and a great and safe future.

We do already live in Eden. All of the science and our knowledge about physics and biology points with alignment to how absolutely special this place is.

Regardless on your religious belief, we clearly do live in a very special, extremely beautiful place.

We should do what we need to do to follow Wilczek’s pattern of making science an Act of Worship and we should work in aligned ways to make the optimal and effective use of that expanding and continuously improving science our own offering of appreciation for the chance to see beauty in all the places it exists.

Love and joy are both possible.

Let’s continuously improve.

Continuous improvement should be our strategy, our commitment, our skillset, and our fully intentional and explicit goal.

That particular process to continuously improve should start Now.



Document Download: The-Physics-of-God.pdf