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Peace In Our Time

by George C. Halvorson

We absolutely need to all work on creating Peace for Our Time. We live in a world of growing conflict and we need to create InterGroup Peace in all InterGroup settings.

This book describes both the author's journey of learning and key applications of the principals of the Art of InterGroup Peace and Primal Pathways to real world situations, circumstances, and settings.

The opportunities for Peace and for positive InterGroup interactions are real and they are immediate. We need to be both informed about the opportunities that exist and accountable for what we do in response to them.  

This book focuses on those issues. It also explains the learning journey that took the author from the backwoods of northern Minnesota to interacting with people in dozens of countries and a wide variety of business, health care, and governmental settings in ways that created both insights about intergroup interactions and test sites for the tool kit needed to create and protect InterGroup Peace.  

The first prominent use of Peace in Our Time by a British Prime Minister as a label for a working intergroup Peace agenda was a failure. We have the same need today--and this time we need to get the agenda and the strategy right. The book Peace in Our Time explains how to make that happen and explains why we need to do that work now before we end up being just another troubled nation at war with itself.

The book explains why we need to become a nation united by our core beliefs rather than a nation divided by race, ethnicity, economic status or gender.  This book also explains what the key beliefs are that we can use to bring us all together, drawing on the legacy of the best beliefs that have made America great in the past.   

Introduction — Peace In Our Time


Chapter One — My Personal Learning Process And Journey Have Helped Me Understand Both Instincts And Myself


Chapter Two — Becoming Successfully Diverse Tends To Follow Fairly Predictable Patterns


Chapter Three — Some Work Sites, Schools, And Community Settings Tribalize, Hurt Themselves, And Feel Right Doing It


Chapter Four — We Need To Reach Out To Other People Without Feeling Guilt And Achieve Interpersonal Understanding And Trust


Chapter Five — An Instinct Perception Of Racism As A Reality


Chapter Eight — We Used The Six-Step Alignment Pyramid To Organize Groups In Uganda And Jamaica


Chapter Nine — Our Cultures Shape Our Behaviors — So We Need To Shape Our Cultures


Chapter Ten — Discrimination Against Women Has Been Painfully Universal For A Very Long Time


Chapter Eleven — Women In Business And Society Are Creating Major Successes At Multiple Levels


Chapter Twelve — America the Vulnerable


Chapter Thirteen — We Need To Communicate Honestly About Our Key Issues


Chapter Fourteen — Peace In Our Time