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2017 National Walking Summit

Dates: September 13, 2017 - September 15, 2017

Venue: St. Paul, MN

America Walks announced the 2017 National Walking Summit to be held in St. Paul, MN from September 13-15, 2017.

Walking Movement early sponsor at Kaiser Permanente as well as an alliance of other collaborative organizations, and InterGroup Institute Chair George C. Halvorson opened the meeting by introducing the Mayor of St. Paul, who will serve as host for the meeting.    

Halvorson is continuing to work on walking issues in addition to the InterGroup Institute Peace agenda. Chapter Eleven of the InterGroup Institute book, The Art of InterGroup Peace, explains how critical walking is to the health of minority populations in America. 

Halvorson also produced a short video extolling the health benefits of walking. 


Document Download: america-walks-thanks-george-halvorson.pdf