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Four Core and Basic Paradigms Now Explain Everything

Four Core and Basic Paradigms

July 26, 2023

Modern science, the best set of our basic mathematical component pieces and tools, and our best sense of who we are for psychological and behavioral and emotional issues, and relevant intergroup and interpersonal factors, have given us a context for understanding ourselves and for understanding the universe we live in, that we should use as the basis for thinking about our future on this planet.

We live in a world where quantum physics, quantum biology, quantum sociobiology, and quantum metaphysics exist as a macro fabric and context of four key paradigms that structure, link, coordinate, enable, and support both us and our universe.

We’re no longer in a world where we can or should think in silos about creation or its component parts.

We now know that photosynthesis has major quantum physics connectivity and entanglement processes that allow life to exist, and we know from doing the basic and foundational math and probability work that our DNA’s and our RNA’s extremely intricate and interacting programs would have less than a 1-in-a-trillion chance of somehow springing simultaneously into existence by having random molecules assemble themselves in those orders and in those levels of functionality in any haphazard, circumstantial, or unintentional ways.

The DNA and RNA both have very strong situational evolution supporting skill sets and tools that create the ongoing reproduction and survival processes for every living species. We know there is absolutely no possible way that those codes could’ve been created and then enhanced by the classic Darwinism skill set and functional process of having every change in the process being a random mutation, and of having every change being selected through relative differences in survival levels for the descendants in each species who had each mutation.

That clearly did not happen.

There is an intentionality for every code.

We now know from our computer science and from our current computer tool kit that every code can have power to do what it’s programed to do. We also know now that each code exists only to do that exact and explicit thing for the computer and the process that it’s in.

We Live in a World of Patterns

It’s important for us to know and recognize that we live in a world of patterns.

We have important patterns that exist in each of the four key paradigms of our existence, and those patterns shape what happens in each of those settings. We have amazingly powerful minds and we have done amazing things to both discern and then use those patterns in each of those areas in continuously improving ways.

Quantum physics has given us the tools to build lasers and computers and the various mechanical components that run our world. We have brilliant physicists who discern, learn, solve, affirm, validate, and use the extremely powerful and explicit formulas that make all of that happen.

Our physicists don’t create those equations and invent those formulas on their own. They uncover and discern and test and calculate each of them, and then use them as the new levels of quantum physics to run our world.

Our biology learning for quantum biology now looks at the extremely useful sets of DNA and RNA codes that exists for every species.

We’ve learned to use some of the best mechanical devices created by our quantum physics for the CRISPER tool kit that now allow us to even modify that DNA for ourselves and other species, in intentional and direct ways, that have actually taken evolution from just happening to us to being something that we can, for the first time in history, choose to do on our own to modify who we are as a species.

That learning process has been proceeding at an accelerated pace over the past couple of decades. It builds on our new insights into how the total processes work.

Biology and Physics Have Powerful Linkages

We now know that living things have linkages that function at quantum levels to allow vast flocks of birds to fly in unison in the sky and that enable vast schools of fish to migrate together in the sea. We know that there had to be some external factor putting very useful developmental- and survival-linked tools in place in our functional formulas, and then apparently enjoying having them be used in various ways by all of the living things that exist on our planet.

Beauty seems to be part of the process.

There is significant beauty created within species at many points and many settings that makes it obvious that beauty can be part of the creation process and sometimes and somehow affects the way things are created and designed.

We can now more clearly see many of those patterns that exist in each of the paradigms, and we can now make decisions about what we do with that knowledge and that information.

We know that some of those most powerful patterns that exist that affect our lives come from our instinctive behavior. We have major programing to do instinctive things that are as relevant and intentional as the formulas that create and generate lasers and activate our DNA data.

Every species that exists has some levels of instinctive behavior as part of their survival package. Wolf packs and lion prides have some obvious behaviors that have echoes with us as people.

Those groups have territory, turf, hierarchies, and organized food gathering and food sharing instinctive behaviors in every setting. The alpha lion in each group protects the group from outside enemies and creates hierarchies for the group’s behavior.

Male lions protect the food supply (that the female lions hunt and kill for each lion family) from being eaten by hyenas or jackals that would completely and quickly steal it — and too often damage the female lions when there are no male lions in the pride.

The manes of the male lions are particularly good at protecting them from hyenas biting and damaging their neck while they defend the food supply.

Lions have instinctive behaviors that make them feel good and steer their behaviors.

We also have very strong instincts in our groups. We’re hierarchical everywhere and we have CEOs, Chiefs, and Captains in every setting. The people who rise to alpha positions in groups often work very hard to make sure they continue to hold those positions for as long as we can.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t retire. Giving up the Alpha status was not an instinct that felt right to her.

We Instinctively Build Cultures in Every Setting

We instinctively form cultures in every setting.

We have cultures for every group.

We will form a culture for a line of people at an airport, and we can become very angry in that line if someone butts into the line at a level that we feel violates the rules set for that particular line culture.

That anger for someone breaking into that line is very immediate and strong, and that feels very right to the angry person.

We have cultures in every setting. We use them to guide out behaviors everywhere. The very best group leaders deliberately set up cultural expectations that give their group the best chance of success.

As we look at our available resources to run our world, we now have quantum physics creating our infrastructure and our major tools, and we have quantum biology creating our food supply and our health care opportunities, and we have quantum group instincts to steer our family behaviors and group behaviors in every setting.

Those patterns are everywhere, and they have a significant impact on our lives.

Why do they exist?

That’s the fourth paradigm.

Metaphysics has Quantum Component Parts and Functional Relevance for the Full Set of Paradigms

For a very long time, we’ve looked at each of those key areas of our lives as completely separate and unrelated sets of issues and agendas. But we’ve made major progress in our science, our economies, and our communities — and it can be very useful to think of all of those pieces as a package.

We have quantum physics, quantum biology, quantum instincts, and quantum sociobiology, that create the context we live in — and it makes sense at this point in both our history and our scientific development to understand the other relevant quadrant to set up that set of issues and to link it with scientific alignment about how and why we have those paradigms in place.

The overarching thought process that somehow put those tools in place in all of those times and settings can be looked at, considered, and understood as quantum metaphysics.

That’s been a missing link for many people looking at these sets of issues.

Metaphysics has been very deliberately left out of the thought process in most scientific settings, since classical Darwinian thinking became the norm for the science world, and because the mathematicians were influenced by the leaning of the pure Darwinists on the various Theism issues.

The physicists often refer to the beauty and even the magnificence of the powerful and sometimes lovely mathematics of their field, but they’ve been respectful of the process relative to theistic thinking the current set of academic alignments and expectations haven’t named the possibility that those processes might’ve had other levels of creative and beneficent input and design components from another source with metaphysical implications.

They’ve avoided that topic of anything being designed to a large degree, because there have been some people in some academic settings who become angry and hostile at the suggestion or thought that that wonderful math might be created, designed, and intentional — rather than somehow either fortuitously existing and discovered or actually invented by the mathematicians themselves.

The single strongest and most rigid religious beliefs in many settings have been from the atheists who decided to very explicitly make their own stated belief in religion as being an unacceptable option or a deeply discouraged thought process a standard part of the acceptable science in most academic settings. The people with that belief in pure Darwinism in its classic form have said clearly that they were absolutely not theists at any level, and they opposed anyone in scientific or mathematical settings who was a theist.  They have often been very rigid in those beliefs. And the current practice has been that those thinkers would not allow anyone to present that option of theism in any academic setting as a possible part of the science of either life or physics as an explanation for any parts or pieces of the knowledge or the process.

When people in those settings where theism was absolutely banned pointed out the obvious impact of the complex and highly inter-related levels of DNA on various species, the antitheists went to great lengths to point out that there was absolutely no logistical history of any of those developments happening for most of those species in any setting that our set of humans has lived in for the past 50,000 years. They add to that rejection of theism by saying that pure Darwinian evolution with all of its component parts and an atheist underpinning is the only thing possible to be discussed in any academic setting regarding where that set of tools might’ve originated.

They reject the extreme and obvious mathematical improbability points for related biological programing by saying that the universe is billions of years old, and billions of years have been enough time for anything to happen, and those changes for those species using Darwinian methods clearly happened as part of times where those events have been totally forgotten, because they happened before the current set of people existed — and we need to have faith that they occurred, because that particular branch of science is based on that firm belief.

Some people go beyond the extremely difficult math for all of those species changes and offer an extremely creative alternative answer to the problem. They suggest a billion universes as the solution to the math problems. They offer the suggestion from a quantum physics context that if we had a billion universes to work with in the quantum creation world, the odds were that one of them would look just like the one we’re in, and the mathematical proof point they make for that argument is that we’re in it today and it happened.

That very tenuous and intellectually clever thought process and argument might’ve had some credibility in scientific circles a couple of decades ago, before we knew how to program computers. But now that we know what the actual functional coding is for DNA and RNA, that clearly did not happen in any serendipitous way. We need to open our intellectual context to allow academic settings to point out the obvious component parts of all those areas that were obviously Created, and to allow intentional design to be one of the options that are discussed and considered.

We need the rigid and powerful antitheists to stand down and become less damaging in their attacks on the core new science and on those scientists who believe that many key elements of life and our world were designed and created because they obviously exist, and because they had to get here somehow for that to happen.

It’s the same argument as the billion-universe argument, but it requires a billion fewer universes to be used as an option.

That all means that we should now look at Quantum Metaphysics as a core paradigm for all those quantum components that help make the other pieces function better as a package, instead of as separate trajectories.

So where did those programs that create the patterns in each of the four key paradigms come from, and what do they actually do in each of those areas?

The Creation Package Involves Change at Multiple Levels and Structured Development at Many Points in the Process

The creation package that exists in each of the three basic paradigms seems to be strongly in favor of using perpetual change and continuous elements of evolution at multiple levels in every area of existence to create the world we’re in. Darwin was brilliant and he had some good patterns and insights for some of his work that are very legitimate, and we need to apply those insights now to pieces of the puzzle, rather than to the whole thing as a package.

RNA clearly supports the Darwinian set of processes and changes. Conscious interactions between living things are becoming much more obvious and relevant, and we need to use those tools and those processes to set up our understanding of the world and the universe.

Change happens for both physics and life.

It’s taken more than 10 billion years for the evolving universe to get to this level of galaxies and stars, and to this level of life on our planet — and that seems to be what was intended by putting those elements in place along that trajectory.

Our existence needs to be part of the answer and the context for what is now happening at this point in history.

People exist.

In the heart of that huge and expanding universe, we have people with brains, and we actually have people with billions of neurons in our brains. There’s some poetry and even a sense of internal balance to the fact that we have roughly the same number of neurons in our magnificent brains as the current estimate of total galaxies that exist in the universe after the big bang.

We have massive connectivity issues and volumes of pieces within our tiny-but-significant piece of the universe.

Our levels of consciousness can create the brain power that exists to figure out the CRISPER formulas for DNA and the basic mathematics that allow us to point lasers across the planet to do all the things we do with that set if tools.

Many forms of life are conscious, but only we do math.

Time is an issue for us all.

We tend to be very immediate in our personal timeframes.

We also now know from our new science of quantum physics and relativity that time is relative, time is immediate, and time can be synchronous. We know that time seems to move in a linear way most of the time, but that movement sometimes isn’t relevant when synchronicity and quantum entanglement happens.

We don’t know if the additional dimensions that we know exist for quantum physics somehow happen, but we also believe that there is a good chance that there is some underlying level of consciousness behind the universe as we see it. It’s possible that we might all have that underlying level as our future linkage and our collective and personal destiny.

The people who have near-death experiences often tend to report that something positive like an entry into a timeless zone and time-free welcoming experience happens — and the people who have that happen tend to find that experience to be a positive and even reassuring one when they return to this life and this timeline.

We have a number of religious faiths in the quantum Metaphysics context that have very different sets of beliefs and expectations about the creation history and story for us all, and to our roles on this planet that have sometimes pointed us to a different context than the one we now know we have with quantum physics, quantum biology, and quantum sociobiology as a context for our behaviors.

Every religion seems to be based on and anchored in the belief that God leads people to the right place, and that’s a good thing. There’s a consistency with religious leaders that people should have the right behaviors and should do the right things with their lives as part of their religious beliefs. This new science we now have in those key areas gives us extremely good and useful information about what the right things for all the people can now be.

We can now argue and point in each of our religions with this extensive array of new science as being part of the faith and belief. We can ask all the faith people to accept that important and growing levels of information about those key areas in each of the paradigms as being gifts from God.

Science Seems to be a Gift from God at Multiple Levels

We don’t need to change some basic religious beliefs when we add this new science (about science being direct gifts from God) to the thought process of faith leaders from various groups.

The people who believe in a rigid six day creation story can have that belief about that timeframe in place and still accept every piece of the science we have now, because there’s nothing in it as our tool kit today for our people that contradicts that timeframe because that timeframe and those days of creation hardly ever come up when we are use computers, lasers, electronic microscopes, artificial intelligence, or internet connectivity to support our lives today.

Buddhists can look at the new and current science and see that one of the basic alignments for their religion is to be aligned with the world as it is today, and the Dalai Lama has endorsed and supported quantum physics as part of his education package for people who share his belief.

Christians can look at the basic teachings of Christ, and people who are purists on following the words actually spoken by Jesus as direct teachings for everyone to find the Lord’s Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount teachings as being solid, direct, and extremely non-divisive ways of achieving the various behaviors we need to achieve with our most productive and inclusive instinctive behavior set.

Any religion that believes the Universe is a gift of God to their believers should be able to use these tools and their religious leaders should teach them to their believers, because this approach says that God makes science for our behalf and for our purpose, and can give us better and more faithful lives when we make those tools our way of interacting with the world and each other.

There’s absolutely no reason not to suggest to our religious leaders that it’s good for them to have science as the right thing for us as a package for us all.

We can clearly screw this up very badly at this point in time. We have people in both kinds of settings who’ve activated their most dangerous and evil intergroup instincts, and who want us to hurt one another now.

We have been given some magnificent tools and learnings, and we should make sure that we’re both grateful for the learning and very careful about how we use it at this moment in time.

We can be in very big trouble if we create nuclear bombs, radioactive spillage, deadly and virulent viruses, and damaging plagues — and then do the most evil tribal things we can do with our tribal instincts in gear.

Those are powerful instincts, and they’re affecting people’s lives today in dangerous and damaging ways. 

It would be stupid to go down that path.

We shouldn’t do that.

The four paradigms outlined here give us an intellectual, science-based, ethically underscored, and functional way of looking at our world.

Please —

Use that trajectory to being Us and understand that set of paradigms and beliefs in the most positive ways — and enjoy the ride.