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We Need to Be Aligned and Grounded in What the Universe Actually Has Given Us in Wonderful and Continuously Improving Ways

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September 11, 2021

We have reached the point where we should all be working together in America — with faith groups and religious leaders all helping our community groups and their leaders in intentional and effective ways to make inter group Peace happen for us here.

We need to use our Gifts from God to make that happen.

We now know that we have very strong scientific evidence from a growing number of extremely credible experts that give us confidence that physics, biology, socio biology, and metaphysics are all working as an intentional package to give us the universe we live in and to allow us to understand that universe in extremely useful ways to give us the most amazing and effective tool kits for giving us a safe, positive, and extremely richly blessed functional future at multiple levels of our lives.

Science is on our side.

Quantum physics is giving us lasers and computers and smart phones and stunningly powerful technology that we can use to make almost all functional areas of our lives better in continuously improving ways.

Quantum biology is giving us another equivalent set of tools that support all aspects of actual life.

We now understand exactly how DNA and RNA function as intentional and brilliantly interlocking codes — and our new and extremely clear knowledge of actual functional computer codes now helps us know for the first time in our history exactly how intentional and how brilliant those biological codes are.

We have some good and credible teachers for that learning process.

We have been blessed with a recent set of extremely useful books from icons of science and engineering and biology who explain and celebrate those codes and those tools and who believe and appreciate that they clearly have been given to us individually and as a package as gifts from God.

Quantum mathematics is amazing all by itself.

Science today is giving us tools and mathematical learnings that can’t be understood from any other context other than being gifts for our own informed and conscious use.

We are both tiny and huge.

Our conscious minds have billions of neuron connections that look like an echo of the billions of stars and billions of galaxies that we now believe make up the known universe — and we now have a much better context for understanding and appreciating what it means to be — in the belief system of one of our most widely believed religious traditions — actually made In The Image of God.

We have a micro version of the universe inside our heads with more than a trillion connections between the neurons that give us our awareness of who we are in our lives and world.

Classic Darwinian evolution did not create a trillion neuron connections in our heads.

We are at the point in our learning and our history where we need Evolution to Evolve.

We have reached the point where Evolution, as a science, needs to evolve into Evolution 2.0 to help us understand what the real processes of evolution are and how they actually function.

Believers in the old Darwinian processes who have been extremely clear in their beliefs under the traditional Darwinian evolutionary approaches that the only way that evolution happens for any species is with absolutely random mutations that then go through a biological evolutionary process that ends up with the best mutations out reproducing other versions of that species now have important and extremely useful and irrefutable science that says that there are more than 20 million enzymes in human DNA alone, and there is no possible way that each of those 20 million DNA enzymes in people went through at least a thousand generations for each person and for each variation that was theoretically needed for the classic Darwinian model to work to make each enzyme what it is today.

The universe has been in existence for more than 13 billion years and our planet has been here for about 6 billion years, and that’s a lot of time for all of those mutations to happen — but our species has only been in place for slightly over 100,000 years and having 20 million human DNA enzymes each going though its own Darwinian cycle and picking a winner each time for each change clearly would have taken more time that humans have existed on this planet.

And if that Darwinian process was the way we actually got those 20 million human DNA enzymes, we would have at least some people today going through some process of that sort to make the next DNA enzyme mutation that would now become the new standard for our species.

That Darwinian Theory of Evolution is a very understandable process — but it’s not how things really work.

Darwin was a brilliant man and he did an excellent and extremely useful theory that puts us forever in his debt — but the truth was that he did not have access to computer codes or to the DNA or RNA microbiology that we have today — and his theory needs to evolve now back into being a science to reflect what we now know is actually happening to us and to other life forms that exist on our planet today.

We have magnificent science in those areas today. We just built a new vaccine for the Covid Virus and we did it by re-engineering part of our RNA to trigger those explicit and intentional responses in our bodies.

The new learnings we are having about RNA and about coding potentials and developmental processes that exist there explain how evolution actually worked — with intentional tools built into that set of capabilities that both engineer the species change that we see and that has conscious survival-based links that enable various species to inter act with one another in cooperative and collaborative ways to support their mutual survival likelihood.

Evolutionary things of various kinds have clearly happened. We see species interacting with one another to have a butterfly wing function as a perfect match for a tree leaf, and we know that there was no possibility of the old Darwinian processes with a thousand generations needed for each and every micro change to make those amazing inter species links happen.

But they clearly did happen — so now we need to explain how and why they did what they did so amazingly well that we have literally millions of species alive and interacting at multiple levels on our planet today.

We now can have a better sense of what the new Evolution 2.0 processes are that are actually built into the survival tools of all living things with an intellectual grounding that help us understand how that all actually happened.

We see conscious behavior at multiple levels and we see aligned evolutionary behaviors in a number of settings.

The most amazing part of that entire life process might be that our own conscious minds were created as part of that process — and we now know from quantum physics that consciousness is actually embedded into the overall process of quantum reality at an extremely important and relevant level.

We actually are a wonderful creation.

We are brilliant.

We have physicists who have discerned and developed the most amazing mathematics of quantum physics — and the brilliant and inspired mathematicians who have done that work invariably are both in awe of the process and love doing the work.

Check out this link to see the kind of work that is being done on some of the formulas of quantum physics today. The discoveries could not be more non-intuitive, more brilliant and more functionally accurate than they are and we rely on them every day in increasing ways to build the world we live in now.

The math of quantum physics gives us the ability to build electron microscopes and atomic bombs and drones guided in increasingly effective ways by levels of artificial intelligence and to actually have the ability to enhance every aspect of the functional world we live in if we use those tools in optimal ways.

We need to understand the context that we live in and that gives us the ability to both understand and use those tools in our lives.

It’s easier to understand the pieces of those components and those sets of tools if we think of the world has having four macro paradigms that together work to structure and deliver everything that exists for us and in us.

We can organize our thoughts to think about every aspect of that reality if we use a four-paradigm macro model that includes everything as a package.

It is useful to have a paradigm for physics, a paradigm for biology, a paradigm for people, and a paradigm for metaphysics, or God.

We actually need to make some enlightened decisions in a few areas of those paradigms right now, because we run the risk of tribalizing ourselves and doing damage to each other with the tools and weapons created by quantum physics, by potentially destructive, code-based biology, by deeply patterned and sometimes dangerous human instincts, and by the very wrong way that some people take our religious beliefs and use their faith as a tool to do evil and damage to other people in their settings.

It’s entirely possible that we are being encouraged by these new sets of insightful books to look behind a couple of key curtains of existence right now, because we actually have the ability to seriously damage one another and to feel entirely right in doing that damage and we need to understand how real that risk is and how to avoid it.

Free will is at the core of our risk and at the core of our opportunity.

We have free will.

Our atheists and our deists — who sometimes do not agree on anything else — all almost uniquely agree on that particular point that we each have free will and they generally celebrate that and fear that at both ends of the faith continuum.

So we have conscious minds and we have free will — and that is a magnificent package at one end of the continuum and a real danger at the other.

We need to do the right things for the right reasons in the right ways and if we do that, we could be headed into a golden age on this golden planet — even with all of the major environmental and sociological issues we face today.

The planet we are on is clearly an Eden — and it’s pretty clear from looking at the situation that we actually are blessed at so many levels to have this Eden as our home.

We need to protect our home together.

We need to recognize the fact that the climate has never been stable in 4 billion years and it isn’t likely to suddenly become stabile now. That’s not an option. The climate will change — and we need to manage that process to the outcome that gives us the best results as a people for our children and for their children after them.

We need to not pollute and not ruin our air and our water — and we need to figure out how to stop killing off a million species that we are currently on the path to kill in the next couple of years.

This is a time for us to modify some paths we are on to not pollute our air and not damage our water and we also need to stop killing off a million species that are at risk now — and we need to steer ourselves intellectually and collectively to a better stewardship of the planet than the path we are on right now.

The carbon that was stored in the oil deposits was placed there a million years ago and it has protected the planet from that carbon load in the atmosphere for a million years.

It only takes a minute to burn the oil and the coal and to release the carbon into the atmosphere and to directly offset that million years of protection.

The last time we had extremely high carbon levels in our air, there was an extinction event that destroyed 93 percent of the life forms in the oceans.

Having a million species become extinct this year and next year is actually happening out of massive ignorance on our part — and it is clearly the wrong path to be on.

We have some very intelligent and wise people who do not want that to happen. Instead of abusing our gifts from God, those intellectual elders believe that we need to understand them all clearly and then use them well.

We need to look at what these icons are telling us.

This review and this thought piece are linked to book reviews for six brilliant books by extremely credible and wise authors about those issues and about the fact that we have been given Gifts from God and they tell us that we need to understand what that should mean for our lives.

George Ellis is one of our wisest elders on the planet and he wrote a couple of great books about our cosmology, biology, and physics — and about our underlying ethical considerations going forward that deserve to be read.

Frank Wilczek is a Nobel prize winning physicist who wrote a great book explaining the state of the art of quantum physics in an extremely clear and useful way. His book is Fundamentals — Ten Keys to Reality.

Perry Marshall is a brilliant engineer, process designer and thinker who shows us in his book Evolution 2.0 why it is so extremely important for us to understand that DNA is a Code.

Francis Collins ran the Human Genome Project for the entire world two decades ago and Dr. Collins is still running the national institutes of health for our country today. His book is about the DNA project and the book name is The Language of God.

All four of those authors have Christian alignments with their lives.

John Thatamanil is a Christian theologian whose brand-new book, Circling the Elephant, helps explain why he believes as a Christian theologian that the Christian Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — actually gives a credible and functional context through the Holy Spirit for the faith linkages of other belief systems.

Joseph Selbie, with his Physics of God book also creates a strong and direct link between science and a belief in God and he deals very usefully with the multi-dimensional aspect of Quantum physics and its timeless simultaneous linkage ability and tools.

Dennis Zetting, another Christian faith leader, wrote the book A Quantum Case for God and he ties the science of quantum physics to the Bible in very direct ways that includes direct citing of dozens of passages from the Bible to reinforce a number of his points and the linkages between physics and his faith.

All of those authors are Christian believers, but we do need to follow the lead set up with the Circling the Elephant book and we need to very explicitly welcome all faith groups to the process of learning and aligning with each other in that context because believing that the world is a gift from God can be reinforcing to multiple faith-based belief systems and approaches and give us common ground for our future together on this planet.

The Thatamanil book cites the old parable and poem of the blind men and the elephant and says — instead of concluding that all of the blind men were wrong, maybe we would be well and better served by suspecting that they all might be right.

The four books on instinctive behavior that are created by The Institute for InterGroup Understanding that explain paradigm three and sociobiology in the context of instinctive behavior were written by a Concordia trained Lutheran with some Swedenborgian leanings on both accountability and spiritual connectivity.

We all need to understand how much our basic instincts sculpt and channel our thinking and our lives. Primal Pathways, Cusp of Chaos, The Art of InterGroup Peace, and Peace In Our Time each teach part of the message we need to know about our instinctive behaviors as individuals and groups.

If we recognize intellectually that our instinct sculpted behavior patterns as people and our individual free will relative to the conscious decisions we make in our lives have huge potential to get us into major trouble as both individuals and groups, then we also need to add that context to our thinking about who we are and what we ought to do now.

This is an opportunity for us to achieve very high levels of enlightenment and it is also the opportunity for us to get into very serious trouble as a people and an planet — so this is a very good time for us to take a clear look at who we are and to decide to do the right thing at multiple levels to create Peace in our time.

We also need to understand that we exist in a very tight and limited time frame for our lives. We exist at the end of a very long tunnel of chronological time — with more than 13 billion years since we believe the Big Bank event happened and more than 6 billion years since we believe our own solar system and planet came into being — and we are even at the very far end of a 3-billion-year timeline since we believe that the first levels of life as we know it existed on our planet.

We are clearly very late arrivals to this particular party.

So what should we think about relative to that set of time realities and issues — particularly if we do believe from all of the physical and biological evidence that this world was obviously created for us and is here in this time line so that we can exist?

It is entirely possible that time is not relevant to God. That sequence is a very long time for us — but it might be functionally nothing to God.

It’s also possible that everything seems sequential to us, but it might actually be simultaneous to God. It might have already happened, so our free will and our conscious mind might be playing out time sequences that have already happened at some level but needed to happen here to be relevant in some way.

We do know from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that time actually is relative. That’s why the theory is called Relativity.

We also know from Quantum Physics and entanglement, that time in the quantum world can be simultaneous and completely independent of other measures or constraints. We know that there are multiple levels of time — and some people today are actually trying to build time crystals using quantum tools.

It’s not at all clear what that connectivity to time might be — but we do know that we are both tiny and huge when it comes to the universe and to who we are — and it is clear that we do exist now.

As Frank Wilczek says in his new Fundamentals book: “In all of the ways that really matter, we are abundantly huge… The number of atoms in a single human body is roughly 10 to the 28th power — one followed by 28 zeros.”

“That is a number far beyond what we can visualize. We can name it. Ten Octillion.”

Ten octillion is a big number even at the long end of the chronological history of the universe.

We also have a trillion connections in our brain.

We clearly do exist — and we are very conscious that we exist in what we believe is a unique and conscious way.

So what does that reality tell us about Time?

It tells us that the important time for us is Now.

We do know for multiple reasons that the time that is most important to us by far is right now.

Now is where we actually are. Now is where we function. Now is our only context in this dimension with this world.

So we each have decisions to make about how we each use what we each have Now.

We have a context for Now that says that we need to do things quickly or the opportunity to do those things will disappear from our lives. We can’t be distracted from the opportunity to learn things and to achieve things and even somehow be things right now.

We don’t have time to be petty and cruel and we clearly should not spend the little time we have being evil. We need to get people who are angry in so many settings today to stop hating each other and to be aligned intellectually, ethically and even spiritually in the very best ways and to support each other in a wide range of ways and to feel the joy that can come from doing the right things and doing them together.

We very definitely need to include atheists in our intellectual circles in the most supportive ways.

We should build a truce now with the academic Atheists who clearly are strongly resisting any sense or acknowledgement that the clearly intentional tools that exist for DNA and RNA and even for some key levels of quantum physics have a designer in the process. There is an almost religious need not to have any possible religious component of the design process that we need to overcome if we want science in that space to flourish and to achieve optimal results as science.

We don’t need anyone to convert to any faith or belief — but we do need more people in our academic settings for life sciences, biology and particularly in our formally structured Academic Departments of Evolution who now clearly see the existence of those codes to at least be intellectually and respectfully agnostic about where the codes came from and to not attack and do any kind of damage to people who have a faith based answer to that question and who build that into either their thinking or research components.

As George Ellis wrote in his book, Before the Beginning: “The time has come for the scientific approach to be extended to throw some light on the big questions without losing the essence of what has been attained through the scientific approach.”

This is the right time to follow his lead in that space.

Atheists have both attacked and been attacked for some of their sets of beliefs. All of the anger and the old paradigm based tribal behavior should stop now — and we should all make an effort to move beyond the old angers and the old divisions in intellectually grounded and positive ways.

We also would be well served with many people if we could get the fairly high percentage of people in some parts of the Christian Church who believe that creation happened in six calendar days to not reject, hate and sometimes attack other people who also believe in God but who believe that God has probably had the option of using longer days than 24 hours each if that longer day functionally worked better for God.

That particular point seems to have become a major sticking point with some sets of people — and it would be a good thing to look for a gentle way of resolving that issue in a way that recognizes what this science says about the tools of Creation being Gifts from God.

Loving acceptance and even forgiveness of prior error on that point might be proposed respectfully to be a better alignment with the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings rather than condemning people in perpetuity who believe that anyone with a different time frame than 24-hour days for the creation process should be sent to Hell.

We have managed to tribalize that issue and we can learn a lot about ourselves by both what we did and how we did it to achieve that result.

We all need to recognize that our instincts to hate the other tribe are so powerfully embedded into who we are that we can sometimes do evil things to other people with those instincts activated and we don’t even remember how we started down that path to those behaviors because that process is so self-reinforcing once it is in gear.

We need Peace instead.

Let’s enter into a fellowship of believers, into a coalition and fellowship of intellectual legitimacy and let’s intentionally and explicitly steer things into the most enlightened directions as a nation and a people from this point forward.

There are more than 130 ethnic wars going on in the world.

We need to not think like that and we need to not act like that here and now.

And we also need to look very directly at the science that we have been given and we need to appreciate how absolutely intentional and beautifully designed those gifts are.

Perry Marshall writes in his Evolution 2.0 book about DNA that one cell can actually hold a gigabyte of data.

“If you stretched a single strand of DNA end to end, it would be six feet long,” he wrote.

“But it is folded into a space so small that it’s literally a trillion times denser than any hard drive — the unfolding of DNA inside the nucleus of the cell is fractal. A unique mathematical pattern places folds within folds, so unlike your telephone cord, DNA strands do not tangle. The DNA quickly unpacks and repacks during gene activation and cell replication.”

DNA is amazing. It is beautiful. We can now see it with our new quantum tools much more clearly, and that clear vision tells us how great that gift and tool is.

That is clearly a gift from God.

There is no way that gift was anything other than intentional.

The same is true of the powerful mathematics from quantum physics. We have great tools to use in both energy and in the life sciences because we now understand those tools and processes in continuously improving ways and the quantum tools let us see the biological tools in extremely useful ways.


Let’s use all of those gifts in the best possible ways and let’s be at Peace with one another when we do that.