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Easter Fits the Instinctive Behavior Template Extremely Well

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April 27, 2022


Dear Christians,

Have a blessed Easter.

Easter Sunday is the day when Jesus personally went through all of the misery and the pain of actually dying in our stead so that we can all — if we choose to believe in Him and if we understand what happened on our behalf on that day, and if we understand what it meant for Jesus to be on that cross and to have that cross end His life, then we can each make our own path to being welcomed into the loving arms of God, and we can actually each be saved by the mercy and grace and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on that Cross.

We can each live own lives with that as the basis for who we now are.

We can be welcomed into the glory of God and be cleansed of our own sins by believing in Jesus Christ.

We can each be bathed in the love of God. He chose that death and He chose that path to end His own life and He did it as a loving direct gift for Us.

We need to understand the gifts we have received.

Science is obviously an explicit and intentional gift from God.

Quantum Physics has layers of powerful and high-value components that we can use to support and conduct our lives and to shape the world we live in today and live in now.

Quantum Biology also has layers of high-value components that we’re learning to use in a growing array of ways. Quantum Sociobiology has layers of extremely powerful and high-impact instincts, cultures, and behaviors that steer and create context for our thoughts, beliefs, and functional lives.

Those gifts together create a package that structures, empowers, and enables our lives and our world in very effective and intentional ways. That set of gifts gives us the tools we need to be responsible and caring stewards of our world and our lives, and to do the right things for other people and for each other that are empowered by Jesus choosing to die for us on that Cross.

Jesus Christ gave us this context and these gifts. Jesus has also used the Bible and His words recorded and reported in the Bible to give us significant, essential, and needed guidance on values and beliefs and behaviors that we should optimize on our behalf — and to help save the world we live in today and now — and to bring each of us to our own stewardship of our lives and of this world in the most appropriate ways.

We are at a crossroads for the world we live in and for our own lives in that world.

Based on a full understanding of the world and of the context we’re in, it can be very useful to each now see, accept, and even believe in the four paradigms of existence functional context for creation — and in that intellectual understanding of who we are and of what we’re doing — so that the pieces fit together and make sense as a package.

This paradigm is a gift from Jesus Christ. It was all put together as part of the package of creation. We were given conscious minds and powerful instincts so that we can see, appreciate, and use the pieces as a package.

We can and should each choose to personally believe that Jesus Christ is creator of everything and is also the anchor and foundation and structure and core belief in Paradigm 4 when we think in terms of this model for existence and creation.

We should each choose to believe in the metaphysics of existence as full members and participants of the Christian faith and as explicit, direct, and full believers in Jesus Christ as our savior and teacher and Lord.

We should each act accordingly in our lives. We should have the words of Jesus Christ guide and support our lives at every level from this day forward, because it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Easter is a key part of that belief.

Easter is an extremely important day for our core beliefs. We should celebrate it every year to remind ourselves of what Jesus did for us on that day.

We need to understand what it means to be Christian on this extremely important day and at this time of attachment, alignment, and connection with our faith in Jesus Christ, and His teachings on that most important day.

That was the day Jesus Christ actually died for us, to connect us with eternal life. He connected us with what we should do as Christians to be the best of who we can be in this existence and life — and to lead the lives we each should lead.

That was a hugely important event.

Jesus had a painful death.

He went through extreme pain. He went through the absolute disruption of dying, and then He gave us the path we should all be on with our most appreciative and loving ways for our own lives to be Saved and for us to be in his Grace forever.

Jesus Christ died a very painful death on that day. He rose from the dead days later to give us all the path to our own loving connections with God the Father, and our own connections with eternal life that we can each receive as Gifts from God as we go down that path.

His rising from the dead as a gift for us all is the most important and foundational part of what it means for us to be Christian — and for us to have that set of beliefs for our lives based on being the recipients of those explicit and direct gifts from Jesus on that Cross.

This four-paradigm set of intellectual beliefs about our existence says that we function in the context of four key components of existence for everything we do.

That context believes that all four of those components of existence were intentionally and explicitly created by God. It believes that those components of existence exist as a package for our benefit.

They’re all direct gifts to us from God. We need to understand them all so that we can use them to create an optimal world for us all that is loving, understanding, accepting, responsible and extremely capable at multiple levels as being the stewards of this magnificent resource.

We should use those components to create the world that we each want for our children and our grandchildren — and for everyone who follows them as stewards of this magnificent planet and universe.

Paradigm 1 is quantum physics. Quantum physics is an amazing amalgamation of scientific understandings about the nature of reality — and it contains an interlocking web of complex and precise mathematical formulas that our scientists have brilliantly and painstakingly unraveled and calculated and discerned about the nature of energy and of movements and of time.

We use those amazing quantum physics formulas to build computers and lasers and a huge array of significant tools that now structure major components of our world — and it is clearly true and very sobering to know that the quantum physics realities that we now understand have the power to build, enhance, protect, damage, and potentially to even destroy major parts of our world and everyone and everything living in it.

We need to be good, responsible and enlightened stewards of that great knowledge from our quantum physics realities because there are dangers and powers there that could be used in bad, stupid and even intentionally evil ways to do massive damage to our world and to everyone and everything who lives in it.

Paradigm 2 is biology — life itself and the component functional parts of our biological existence and survival. We have now crossed over into quantum biology that has as much potential to damage life and our planet at a biological level as the quantum physics components have to do bad and evil and stupid things to everything in our world at a physical level.

We now know from extensive and extremely competent new science that life is based on DNA and guided by RNA using a complex and interlocking sets of functional and intentional codes and we now know that both of those sets of codes have been given to us as intentional gifts because there is no way for codes of that complexity to spontaneously happen and occur because we now actually know enough about computers to know that codes can never create themselves.

Common sense has now been added to our speculation about the origin of the universe and of life, and common sense is sufficient to tell us that those complex formulas of quantum physics and those complex interacting DNA and RNA codes could not possibly be the pure accidents of mutational, incidental, and situational serendipity that pure Darwinists believe that they are.

Pure Darwinism in its original form has a very strong component belief about serendipitous and purely and absolutely random mutations basically underlying, anchoring and defining the functional process of evolution.

The role of serendipity is an absolute and explicit article of faith about both creation and evolution for those most rigid Darwinians.

They accuse and describe any scientists who offer any other proposals on the origin of either life or of the mathematics of physics to be heretics — and they literally currently ban those heretics from their academic settings and shun them in their academic gatherings.

The rigid Darwinians look at the fact that our world and our universe seem to be very nicely constructed to support and sustain both human life and other forms of life as being accidental — and they respond to people who introduce the increasingly obvious mathematical realities about DNA and RNA by invoking a particular part and subset of quantum physics that seems to allow for multiple universes and they have proponents who invent a billion universes in order to allow this one that fits us so well to exist.

They say the perfect fit of everything in this particular universe is a coincidence.

That is relevant for thinking about our lives and our beliefs on Easter, because Easter is very directly and explicitly about this world and about this existence being used as a place and a time where we can achieve our higher callings, and they absolutely and explicitly reject the possibility or even the concept of a higher calling.

Some of the most dogmatic, absolute, and hard-core atheists who currently run some of our academic settings very creatively have said that quantum physics theoretically allows for the possibility of a billion universes.

Some of the most dogmatic proponents of combining pure Darwinism and atheism as a package say that their preferred current “multiverse” theory is that if a billion universes actually exist, and if a billion universes have existed potentially for billions of years, then it is mathematically possible and even potentially probable that in one of those universes the quantum energy that exists is about what would create our sun and they actually explicitly say that the quantum biology in that universe could somehow both spontaneously and serendipitously create our actual DNA.

That’s a relatively unscientific way of looking at those issues, but the danger for us right now is that it could have a limiting impact on some functions of actual science if scientists in those academic settings have to use dogma rather than the process of discovery at some key points of their thinking about evolution and life.

We need to use science and we need to follow it where it leads us as pure functional science in each of those areas. We need the theory of evolution to become a science again instead of being a belief system.

We have a blossoming of wonderful new science that we should be enjoying, celebrating and using to understand what we should be doing now in our world today to give us the best context for continuous improvement of our world and our planet.

Rather than looking at what our modern levels of science tell us is clearly a set of intentional, effective, and highly functional interactions in each of those areas, some members of that particular increasingly rigid and dogmatic school of atheists have been acting in increasingly visible and openly aligned ways to be what some advocates of that thought processes have recently called being intentionally ‘anti-theist’ rather than just being atheists.

The anti-theists would rather invent and speculate about the potential of a billion universes and then assign the credit for this particular extremely well-suited world to serendipity rather than acknowledge the gift that it clearly is for us now.

We should not have public academic settings forced into bad science on some issues so that the anti-theists who run some of them can avoid any sense of heresy about their strong beliefs.

Science has moved past Darwin.

We know far too much now at too many levels of very explicit and complex science to continue to use that serendipitous mutation explanation for either evolution or for life itself.

The numbers in current science speak for themselves.

There is clearly no way that classic Darwinian processes could have come up with the 25 million fully coded enzymes that we now know exist in each human body — so classic Darwinism should be celebrated as being a very good and sometimes brilliant try in some very good directions and we should move back to current actual modern science as the explanation and the tool kit for all of those areas.

In that context, Paradigm 2 is biology in its interlocking forms and parts. We should do a deep dive now in our academic settings into Paradigm 2 to understanding what evolution actually is and to use the new science to give us the best possible future as a planet and as a species.

We need to create that new science in the context of us as being the most important current set of occupants on our planet.

Paradigm 3 in the four-paradigm model for existence is Us.

People are Paradigm 3.

We deserve our own paradigm and the macro model makes more sense as a package and a tool kit if we and our conscious minds and our clear components of free will and personal and direct awareness are a paradigm onto ourselves.

We seem to be unique and special in some key areas of our conscious mind. We are far from unique in being conscious. Some recent studies have shown that even bacteria have a level of conscious awareness and response, and all living things seem to have both survival instincts and some clearly conscious awareness of opportunities and threats built into their programing.

But —

We are unique because of how we think.

Nobody else does math.

Pure science at a highly focused and even brilliant level seems to be a uniquely human trait.

We are not only good at science, we are both obsessive and compulsive about it — and we build layers of academic credentials and enterprises that literally have us spending billions of dollars to measure the speed of a quark and spending billions in other settings to observe the most distant elements of creation and we sometimes do it with a passion, rigor, vigor, energy, focus and priority that we assign to almost nothing else that we do.

Look at the issues that Frank Wilczek and George Ellis are studying.

We give Nobel Prizes for learning in a number of areas and that particular set of awards has been particularly useful in having us focus on a number of areas of quantum physics and quantum biology that might have gone unshared and unnoticed without that somewhat rigorous and gracefully contested set of awards and recognitions.

We are also extremely commercial in our packages of instincts, and we have lasers and computers and digital cameras and cyber knife surgery units because we instinctively accumulate and aspire to wealth and we have taken some of the learnings from both biology and quantum physics to create cash flow in some positive and self-reinforcing places based on the products and services they can create.

We are heavily instinctive beings. Our instincts make us almost as predictable and patterned as protons and quarks.

We have instincts to be maternal, paternal, territorial, hierarchical, tribal, and acquisitional and to create and use cultures in every setting to help us achieve our instinctive goals.

We're extremely hierarchical — so we tend to create hierarchies and alpha positions in every setting that sometimes are just as alpha as the alpha leaders of wolf packs and lion prides, and we have people who will kill in some settings to hold their alpha status.

We divide the world into Us and Them, and we have extremely powerful instincts to treat people very differently based on how we define Them in each context. We protect and defend Us — and we tend to dislike, distrust, and even damage Them with no remorse or guilt in far too many settings.

We have particularly strong traitor instincts. We hate traitors, detest traitors, and we often want to punish and damage traitors — and we also have very strong instincts to never be a traitor to our own group.

The traitor instincts can make interactions between various groups much more difficult, because we don’t want to be a traitor to our group and we also very much clearly and instinctively condemn anyone who we think has betrayed our group.

For us to get along in this complex inter group and multi group world, we need to understand our instincts and we need to create a sense of us that we believe in in each inter group setting to get us to group alignments and ethical behaviors everywhere.

Part of the reasons for us to know about Paradigm 3 is to help us understand and manage our programmed levels of sociobiology. Part of Paradigm 3 also calls for us to decide what we will believe and do relative to Paradigm 4 — the Creator of the other paradigms.

Paradigm 4 is God.

Every religion and every faith group needs to be able to steer to its own set of beliefs about the other three paradigms and about its own basic Metaphysical values and beliefs. And every faith group needs to be able to have the beliefs and the behaviors and values that feel right to the people who choose and who have those beliefs.

This is an Easter context thought piece and it is a set of recommendations based on those beliefs.

For Christians who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord’s Prayer, and multiple parables and teachings from Jesus, give direction at ethical, moral, and religious levels that we should all be able to trust and use, because they make so much sense and feel so right when we look at what they are.

Jesus asked us to do the Lord’s Prayer every day.

That wasn’t a suggestion. It was a command. And it’s an extremely useful one because if we do that prayer every day, and if someone tells us to do something that is a bad fit for what that Prayer says we should do, we can have comfort that the person telling us to go down that other direction is a false prophet or at least, simply, wrong.

Christians believe in a Triune God — with Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the three core components of the Trinity — believe that Jesus Christ decided to actually explicitly and personally live a human life and then die a human death and Christians believe that Jesus did that to create pathways for us for our own lives that we can see from what he taught us and did.

Christ clearly had the full human experience. Christ was born into a family with other family members and the Bible makes it appear that he loved his mother and his family in what would have been a very human way. He experienced the experience of being a student and the experience of being a teacher and he had the experience of leading a group. He was the alpha male for a group of disciples and students, and he had those sets of instincts and experiences built into the life he led. He spoke to large audiences in multiple settings as the lead person for the people in those settings.

He was a clear and frequent and effective healer and a logistical provider and he steered both group and individual behaviors in a wide range of direct and very real and direct ways that he did in the context of actually living in those situations and settings.

He had the full set of human experiences and behaviors — and he taught constantly. His parables that were recorded and included in the Bible give us a sense of direction, values, and behaviors that give us a sense of thoughts, values, and beliefs for our lives.

The sermon on the mount was an extremely powerful message. If you look at no other messaging about Jesus Christ, the Sermon on the Mount was clearly intended to give us a clear and direct context for our interactions with the world.

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth,” Jesus said. “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called Children of God.”

He warned us about people who pretend to be believers and leaders and who are actually false prophets who very directly actually can call the people who believe to do wrong and evil things in the name of God.

Christ warned against those leaders and the bad and sometimes evil directions they lead people.

He said false prophets come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

He said: “By their fruits you will recognize them.”

The fruits that expose them are the ones that lead people and faith groups to damaging behaviors.

Jesus Christ called for us to forgive each other, to support each other, and to know that we do receive Gifts from God — and to know that one of those gifts from God is actually Easter.

He drove the money changers out of the temple and he made clear statements about the house of worship being respected and holy in that process.

He spent time teaching and, in his own way, by being human for that time, also spent time learning.

Then he died.

He actually literally and physically died.

He was crucified.

That is the actual Easter event. He died a horrible death — and the process and the experience of his death was completely in keeping with the patterns of our worse Us-Them sets of instinctive behaviors because it was clear that the people who killed him did it as a Them in the clearest possible way and they treated Christ as Them at the most clearly instinctive levels in causing him to suffer and then die.

He didn’t take the easy way out. He didn’t bypass anything. He did do exactly what people who are being killed do in that set of situations — and he died in a painful way as the result.

Three days later, after going through that painful dying process, he rose from the dead.

He didn’t disappear as a soul or as a being by dying — and he reappeared as himself from that experience of being crucified three days later.

He gave us a set of beliefs from that experience that should guide us now as we go through our own lives and then our own deaths.

What did he tell us?

He said — Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods, do not demand them back.

Judge not, and you will not be judged, condemn not and you will not be condemned; forgive and you will be forgiven; give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. (Luke 6:27-31, 37-38)

The essential message of Jesus Christ has clarity on extremely important levels that Christians today can use to make daily decisions and daily behaviors for our lives.

Forgiving other people is very central to those messages.

The prodigal son was forgiven.

People in any religious circles who use the name of Christ to harm other people are clearly personally missing the point of being Christian.

People who create and then lead religious organizations that have components that are clearly set up to activate and reinforce our most negative instinctive behaviors toward other people are obviously not doing that for Jesus Christ.

Scottish theologian Sinclair B. Ferguson, in his book about The Sermon on The Mount, looked inside the church and wrote about church leaders who allow bitterness and strife to take root in faith settings.

“Faith leaders too often allow those levels to rear their ugly heads in our fellowships today. Too often, the causes are pride and the desire for power and position,” Pastor Ferguson wrote in his Sermon on the Mount book.

“To disrupt Peace in a church fellowship is to despise both the prayers of Christ and the Blessing of Christ.”

Far too many religious settings are actually venues for some of the worst sets of instinctive behaviors that we have in our lives from Paradigm 3 — Alpha instincts, power instincts, tribal hatred and alignment instincts, and even some of our power related sexual instincts — and we need now to understand those behaviors, see them for what they are, and reject them entirely as a context for our Paradigm 4 behaviors, values and thinking from this day forward.

This is the right time to do exactly that.

We are at a unique point in human history. We now have science clearly on our side and we now have a much better sense of what that is and what it means for us going forward from here.

We live in a universe that is clearly anchored on physical and biological gifts from God. Some of our best scientists are making brilliant discoveries and achieving great things with those gifts, and we should appreciate and use those gifts in the most enlightened and effective ways.

We are going through a time right now when we have a number of brilliant scientific minds who are understanding the greater context and who are writing books and giving talks and teaching us all about creation being a gift from God.

George EllisFrancis CollinsPerry MarshallFrank Wilczek, and a number of other scientists, thinkers, and authors who believe in Christian values believe that we should understand Creation and existence as a Gift From God, and that we should learn everything we can about the science and that we should each also lead loving and positive lives for our own lives.

Joseph Selbie wrote an excellent book about The Physics of God that is intended to explain how quantum physics and the universe are an obvious and beneficial package. Theologian John Thatamanil wrote a book using the fable of the blind men and the elephant and instead of concluding that all of the blind men were wrong, Thatamanil said it’s also possible to understand that they might all be right.

As a Christian theologian who believes deeply in the Trinity, Thatamanil believes that the work of the Holy Spirit might be the explanation for the other sets of religious beliefs that exist in the world today.

This particular Easter piece was written by a Concordia trained Lutheran who was influenced by Swedenborgian beliefs on the role of personal accountability and life missions as well as a celebration of the blessings of connubial alignment and a sense that we each can find each have linkages to messages from God in our thoughts and our dreams as part of our faith experience.

The new set of scientific thinkers do all seem to agree that we have been given this beautiful Eden as a gift and we should each be accountable for passing it on to our descendants in the most positive and beneficial ways.

Easter is a good time to think about that whole range of issues, because if it is true that Jesus Christ came to earth and lived as one of us and if it is true that Jesus Christ died a painful death to be directly aligned with who we are and then passed on to us what own patterns of behaviors should be — with God The Father accepting us as all as Children of God if we make the choice to have that alignment in our lives, then we should accept Easter and the teachings of Jesus Christ as part of that gift.

If that is what we decide to believe and do, we should follow that lead and we should go down that path and we should very intentionally use the new science to create a world of joy and love and beauty that allows us all us to share in that appreciation of the beauty of existence and the joys of love and in the sheer delight in building pieces of our world in beautiful ways.

We live in a world of potential bounty. We should make that bounty part of who we all are.

We need to help people who are harming other people to rise above those behaviors and to enjoy the glories of creation without hurting any other people in the process.

We need faith leaders from every group to heal and protect and teach and support each other in what we do.

There are theories and formulas in quantum physics that can cause us to see the universe as a fabric and to see our moments in that fabric to be interesting and a joy and a context for acceptance into beauties of creation that can last forever as long as we want forever to happen.

Time is actually on our side.

Time happens in layers and time is relative and time is simultaneous, and time is instantaneous and time is absolutely perpetually focused on Now.

We exist in Now.

So, let’s each enjoy and use and optimize time in the context of Now and let’s create a sense of Us for Us that makes Now entirely worth doing and enjoyable to us all to do.

We are finite.

And we are huge.

We are amazingly huge.

We each actually have about as many trillions of neuron connections in our brains as there are galaxies in the known universe, and we have about as many linkages in our brains as exist down at the most minute levels of creation for the microcosms that make up the key parts of who we are.

We are not an accident. We were meant to be here and we were meant to perceive and to what we perceive and do, and that context and that reality can and should allow us to be part of the Joy of creation in the most interesting ways from Now on.

We now understand quantum physics and quantum biology and quantum instinct- permeated quantum sociobiology, and we now can see — if we choose to have that vision — that it all fits together with quantum metaphysics as a beautiful package and reality.

Happy and blessed Easter.

Welcome aboard the gift agenda. Welcome to the responsible stewardship agenda for the world that actually happens and is centered on this Easter and centered on Now.

Now is the right time for us to get this all right.

It can, and should, be a great ride. Now is when we should do that great ride.

When you look at the passage of time, we have billions of years around us, but the most important of all of those years is actually Now.

We live in Now. It’s who we are. It’s what we are and it’s clearly and explicitly when we are.

That makes it extremely important and relevant for our lives to get this right — and to get it right Now.

Easter is happening Now.

Have a great Easter.