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Dr. Feste’s Book on Terminating Terrorism Covers Key Points with Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity

February 15, 2019

Karen Feste, Director of the Conflict Resolution Institute at the University of Denver Korbel School of International Studies, has just reissued her book “Terminate Terrorism — Framing, Gaming, and Negotiating Conflicts,” at a time when we really need to improve our skill set for dealing with terrorism and with significant inter group conflicts in several areas of the world.

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Racism is the Toxin that Triggers far too Many Preterm Births in America — New Powerful Data Presented for California Births

August 8, 2018

Medical science has long known that stress for mothers increases the incidence of premature birth. The issue that we need to understand is whether that is a key issue relative to our communities today. Danyelle Solomon, in her attached article, makes the point very logically and very persuasively that racism in our country is a key generator of stress, and that issue of racism-triggered stress needs to be understood in order for us to figure out how to deal with premature birth problems.

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Cuddling Actually Strengthens Your Baby’s Genes

July 27, 2018

Amazing new science about the huge value and the direct immediate impact and the powerful long-term benefit that results from cuddling our children in the first weeks and months of life now shows us that our genetic programing actually changes in a positive way for children who are cuddled.

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International Peace and Security Institute (IPSI)

April 6, 2018

Our basic packages of tribal instincts are causing problems in more than two hundred settings in the world today. We see conflicts between groups in all of those settings that draw on the basic thought processes, values, emotions and inter group behaviors that those instincts create.